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Device Details


  • BIM ID

  • Room Number ( please enter a semi Colon between i.e 02;IPC;123 no dots)

  • Sector (Letter then number I.e E4)

  • Data Point Id - ( leave blank if unknown )

  • Visionstream LOD 400 Drawing & Revision Number

  • Visionstream WE-020 Drawing & Revision Number

  • Make

  • Model.

  • Device Type

  • Type of Install

Captured Data

  • Photo (Pre-Installation)

  • Device Serial Number

  • Device Mac Address. *****NOTE***** This number must be a 12 digit number. Please Check !!

  • WSSI Module Fitted

  • WSSI Serial Number

  • Asset Tag Number

  • Photo (Post-Install)

Quality Checklist

  • Device is fitted in correct location

  • Device alignment and orientation is correct

  • Device is fitted in accordance with an apporved installation drawing

  • Device is fitted using correct anchors for installation variant

  • Device is fitted using correct screws for installation variant

  • Device is fitted using correct mounting brackets for installation variant

  • Fly lead installed

  • Fly lead plugged in

  • Fly lead not lying on ceiling

  • Fly lead correctly supported above the ceiling

  • Fly lead is connected to correct data outlet

  • Asset tag is fitted

  • Asset tag details recorded

  • Area left clean and tidy

  • Ceiling or wall is left clean and undamaged

  • VOC content used and quantity recorded

  • Silicon Used

  • Liquid Nails Used

  • Any Comments regarding any changes ?

  • Installer

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