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Event Detals

  • What is the location of the event
  • Event Description

  • Venue or location description

  • Estimated attendance

  • Who is the event organiser

  • What is their address

  • Who is the main contact person

  • Contact phone number

  • Email address

Access and Egress

  • Entry/ Exit areas are clear and accessible for staff and expected attendees

  • Entry/ Exit areas are adequate for emergency exit and emergency services

  • Thoroughfares are well defined and clearly marked

  • Are all staff and volunteers familiar with the layout of the venue before the event starts

  • Other comments

Traffic Management

  • Are there clearly defined areas for traffic- separate from pedestrians

  • Is there provision for safe passage of emergency/other vehicles through pedestrian traffic

  • Is traffic flow controlled and adequate signage erected

  • Are traffic management staff required to be trained

  • Traffic management staff/ marshalls wear appropriate PPE and Cary communication devices

  • Is there adequate parking areas to cater for expected vehicle numbers attending

  • Have appropriate permits, certification or licensing requirements for traffic management been addressed

  • Other comments


  • The following information is a guide only. Your local government should be consulted during planning.

    Total attendance. Male facilities. Female facilities. Hand basins
    Wc. Urinal M Urinal hung. Wc. Male. Female

    1000. 2. 1.5 3. 5. 1. 1
    1000-2000. 3. 3. 6. 10. 2. 2
    2000-3000. 4. 4.5. 9. 15. 3. 3
    3000-4000. 5. 6. 12. 20. 4. 4
    4000-5000. 6. 7.5. 15. 25. 5. 5

  • Are there adequate amenities for the event

  • Is there drinking water available for staff and attendees

  • Are there adequate facilities for catering, food preparation and clean up

  • Is there suitable protection from the environment available, e.g. Shade, enclosed protection from the rain

  • Other comments


  • Is there adequate signage for entries, exits and amenities etc.

  • Are hazardous areas appropriately signposted

  • Is emergency items signed appropriately, e.g. Fire extinguishers and first aid locations

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  • Comments


  • Do qualified and competent personnel undertake maintenance and repairs

  • Maintenance personnel have event coordinator contact details and means of communication (I.e. Two way radio or mobile phone)

  • Records are kept of any maintenance carried out

  • Comments

Emergency Procedures

  • Emergency response plan appropriate to event documented and in place

  • Emergency response team trained and in place

  • Are current site plans in place, available to staff, emergency services and relevant other parties

  • Comments

Fire Prevention and Response

  • Suitable Fire equipment in appropriate areas, tested and in date

  • Personnel are trained in fire extinguisher identification and use

  • All staff and volunteers are aware of the fire and evacuation procedures

First Aid

  • First aid Stations suitably located , clearly signed and accessible

  • First aid facilities are suitable for type of event and numbers expected

  • Suitable means of communication between event organiser, first aid staff and first aid locations

Electrical /generators

  • Residual current devices (RCD) are used where required

  • All portable Electrical Equipment including leads are tagged and tested ( within 6 or 12 months in accordance with AS3000 and AS 3533)

  • Is there adequate protection for public from electrical shock and trip hazards

  • Joints and connections are not accessible to the public and are not expose to damp conditions

  • All installations must comply with AS3002

  • All generators are placed in a safe place and sectioned off from the public

  • Comments

Permits, Licensing, Registration and Approvals

  • Fireworks are only provided by licences technicians

  • High risk licences are held by and checked for staff as required by current legislation

  • LPG and Dangerous goods storage is appropriate

  • If liquor licences are required has a liquor management plan been implemented

  • Food permits- has a food safety plan been implemented

  • Police permit- has a traffic management plan been implemented for public roads

  • Fire Permit- is the event held on a day of total fire ban, are fireworks being used

  • Public buildings- has a public building registration been issued?

  • Have contractors supplied job safety analysis or risk assessment for their work

  • Comments

Utilities and Site services

  • Location of all site underground services(power, gas, mains etc) and overhead powerlines are identified.

  • Relevant personnel have maps identifying utilities

  • Any unsafe areas are identified to the event coordinator

  • Any stakes, star pickets or other in ground anchors are clearly identified and capped for safety

Staging and Platforms

  • All stages are "signed off" by certified rigger/ scaffolder and are erected by personnel with appropriate training and certifications if required

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  • Platforms are monitored continuously especially in adverse weather conditions

  • Adequate access and egress around all staging and platforms for the entire event

  • Comments

Work at heights

  • Is a permit system in place do contractors require approval to work at height

  • Right equipment is used for the job, (I.e. Cherry picker, industrial ladder)

  • Staff required to work at height trained and appropriately qualified

Manual handling

  • Are all staff and volunteers trained to assess each task and use safe lifting techniques when required to lift and carry

  • Are loads delivered as close as possible to the workplace required?

  • Are loads kept as light as possible, or mechanical lifting aids provided where required

  • Comments

Amusement structures

  • Amusement structures are not used unless supplier can prove they conform to Australian standards and a current certificate of registration/ electrical safety can be provided

  • All structures have current certificate of inspection issued by the appropriate and competent authority

  • All structures are located on suitable ground surface, providing room for access and egress for patrons

  • There is appropriate fencing are one rides

  • There is appropriate soft fall area surrounding rides

  • For inflatable structure- a thorough check of the inflatable structure, accessories, anchor points, ropes and stakes or ballast Is carried out to confirm installation is fit for use

  • A procedure is in place for operators to monitor prevailing wind conditions

  • Comments

  • Add media

LPG and Heaters

  • Small gas cylinders are used where possible to minimise risk

  • LPG cylinders are secured to increase stability

  • LPG cylinders are clear of ignition sources and are in well ventilated areas

  • LPG cylinders are not in excess of their 10 year stamp date

  • Compliance with AS1596 is being adhered to

  • Comments

Weather conditions

  • Does the event organiser use current Australian bureau of meteorology information to ascertain weather conditions

  • Weather conditions are planned for and monitored, e.g. Using non stick matts, shade, sunscreen and drinking water available.

  • Wind speeds are monitored and amusement structure operation ceased in accordance with manufacturer's specifications (inflatable structures must cease operation at wind speeds of 40km/h

  • Comments

Personal Protective Equipment

  • All tasks undertaken by staff and volunteers are checked for the PPE required and PPE is provided if needed (eg gloves, aprons, earplugs)

  • Personnel are provided with care instructions for PPE


  • Appropriate security has been engaged for the event

  • Appropriate cash handling procedures are in place

  • Comments


  • The event is easily accessible for for mobility impaired patrons (e.g. Wheelchairs, prams, walking aids)

  • Entry and exit area is easily accessible for mobility impaired patrons

  • Parking is close to event for mobility impaired patrons

  • Ramp entry to buildings is available for mobility impaired patrons

  • Comments

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Waste management

  • Drinks and food is provided in recyclable containers

  • Appropriate waste receptacles have been provided

  • Are staff members on hand to clean up any spills, broken glass etc. as soon as they happen


  • Is there loud music or other items at the event, has a noise survey been done

  • Do staff need to wear hearing protection


  • Have staff and volunteers been inducted for the event

  • Have staff required to work with children obtained a WWC card

  • Can staff/Volunteers be easily identified by clothing or other means

  • Have appropriate rosters been issued to allow for sufficient rest breaks and fatigue management

  • Is there risk of missing persons, if so have appropriate staff been identified to act as missing children's coordinators

  • Comments

Other considerations

Audit acceptance

  • Event Coordinator or their delegate

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