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  • Walbridge DIG Lean 5 S Weekly Checklist

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Separate, Scrap, Straighten, Scrub, Standardize, and Systematize.

  • 1). Has a Logistics Plan been developed and communicated? Is it being used effectively?

  • 2). Are 5S assessments and audits being done and communicated on a regular basis?

  • 3). Are action plans being communicated on time?

  • 4). Is debris separated from good material?

  • 5). Are materials on racks or pallets for easy relocation and handling?

  • 6). Have job site personnel been trained in 5S and Logistics Plan?

  • 7). Is debris disposed of in appropriate receptacles ?

  • 8). Are there sufficient waste receptacles /dumpsters provided and being used and maintained?

  • 9). Is area organized and consolidated?

  • 10). Are materials, tools, and equipment stored neatly and readily accessible?

  • 11). Are materials, tools, and equipment NOT interfering with work efforts?

  • 12). Are traffic areas clear and maintained?

  • 13). Is area sufficiently cleaned for following trades?

  • 14). Is finished product being protected from ongoing work?

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