Site Audit Report

1) Have operatives signed into the site register?

2) Have all Operatives received briefing of Work Instruction or RAMS? Has at least one person checked all site requirements (staff and equipment's) are accounted fro before leaving for site?

3) Is TM set up to site requirements of Chapter 8?

4) NRSWA, will any person on footpath/road from any direction understand what is happening and what is expected of them?

5) Are all vehicles parked safely without causing unnecessary obstruction?

6) Is the work area protected by a physical barrier (cones, roping, boards etc.)


7) Lifting keys present, correct size and in good order?

8) First aid kit and eyewash - present, complete and in date?

9) Is safety equipment relevant for this site / in calibration / dated correctly?

10) Condition of jetting hose and fittings / wash down hose / auxiliary hose acceptable

11) Condition of suction hose and couplings acceptable

12) Electrical equipment all PATested?

13) Is fire extinguisher present, been inspected and in date?

14) Manhole grid/barrier available?

15) Gas monitors, in date? Used correctly / appropriately?

16) Tripod or Davit Arm and winch, in date and set up correctly?

17) Harness and lanyard, in date and used appropriately?

18) Are stoppers (pipe bungs) correct size/use and inflation kit, being monitored?

19) Is communication equipment (phones/Big Change tablet) available?

H&S - E&Q

20) Does crew have positive attitude to safety and compliant with company procedures?

21) Is the working area clean and tidy?

22) Is the correct PPE (hard hat, visor, hi viz, safety boots etc) being worn?

23) Have crew received client/site induction if required?

24) Has dynamic risk assessment been completed, is it relevant and adequate for the work being carried out?

25) Is the safety pack available and up to date?

26) Are operatives acting responsibly by not putting themselves or others at risk?

27) Are welfare facilities (access to sink/running water etc.) available? Are the facilities clean and in good order?

28) Are lone working procedures in operation? If so are they working correctly?

Vehicle - Compliance

29) Have daily checks and defect sheet been completed?

30) Are any recorded defect being dealt with and is the vehicle safe to use?

31) Cleanliness - is the cab clean and tidy?

32) Cleanliness - trays and lockers?

33) Cleanliness - bodywork?

34) Awareness of vehicle weight and height (height warning in place)?

35) Warning signage in place and legible (vulnerable road users/cyclists, bypass valve, operational instructions etc.)?

36) O License disc in place, if appropriate?

37) No Smoking sign in vehicle?

Document - Compliance

38) Transfer note available?

39) Job sheet/work instructions available?

40) Permit to work/enter i.e. CSCS available?

41) Drivers log book/Tachographs, including previous 28 days available?

42) Identity cards i.e. DCWW, company etc. available?

43) Driver CPC card and Licence available?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.