Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Engineering Walk-through

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone

  • Number of locations:

  • Additional Location Notes:

  • Add Location
  • Location Name

  • Number of Employees at this location

  • Number of Computers at this location

  • Number of Servers at this location

  • Number of Remote-Only users:

  • Is one of the locations a DR site?

  • DR Site Location

Hypervisor Information

  • Is there a Hypervisor in use?

  • VMware or Hyper-V

  • VMware Version

  • Number of hosts?

  • Clustered?

  • OS Version

  • Number of hosts?

  • Clustered?

  • Server Details (More detail the better)

  • Add Server
  • Make & Model

  • Operating System?

  • Age?

  • Purpose:? (i.e. DC, Backup, Application)

  • Installed Applications: (i.e. QuickBooks, SQL)

  • Server Pictures

  • Additional Notes about Server

  • Shared Storage?

  • Brand & Type of Shared Storage (include vendor, iSCSI? Fiber Channel?)

  • Total Capacity?

  • Capacity Used?

  • Total Capacity?

  • Capacity Used?

  • Patches Current?

  • When were patches last installed?


  • On Premise: Yes/No If yes what version:

  • Email Platform Version? (Exchange Version?)

  • How many mailboxes?

  • What Platform?

  • How many paid mailboxes?

  • License Type? (Microsoft 365 Standard, Business, Business Premium?)

  • How many shared mailboxes?

  • Are they using OneDrive: Yes/No some users or all users?

  • Are they using SharePoint:

  • Are they using Skype for Business?

  • Are they using Microsoft Teams?

  • Describe how it is being used. (i.e. Meetings, Document Storage, Collaboration?)

  • Who are they getting the licenses from: Microsoft direct, another partner, AppRiver?

  • Do they have a backup solution for O365?

  • O365 Backup Solution?

  • How many mailboxes?

  • How many mailboxes?

  • What version of Outlook are the workstations running?


  • Total number of computers organizationally? (Include Desktops & Laptops)

  • Number of Desktops

  • Number of Laptops

  • Are iPad's or Tablets in use?

  • Are they managed via any technology? (i.e. InTune?)

  • Relative age of most computers?

  • Windows 10 Computers?

  • How many?

  • Windows 7 Computers?

  • How many?

  • Macintosh Computers?

  • How many?


  • Current Backup software?

  • Describe the backup. (On-premise to disk? Cloud Only?)

  • What is the total storage in use that needs to be backed up?

  • Can you access logs and see if it has been working?

  • Comment on backup jobs. Successful?

  • Do workstations/laptops contain information not being backed up?

  • What type of information?

  • Existing Datto Customer?

  • On Premise Appliance or Virtual Machine?

  • Model Information

  • Total Capacity?

  • Capacity Used?

  • Describe anything you can about this configuration.

  • Did they buy the appliance or is it part of the service?

Network Infrastructure

    Add Switch
  • What brand of switch?

  • Total number of ports?

  • Number of free ports?

  • POE?

  • Additional Switch Notes


  • What brand of firewall?

  • Total number of ports?

  • Number of ports free?

  • Additional Firewall Notes


  • What brand of wireless?

  • How many access points?

  • Additional Wireless Notes

Remote Access

  • Terminal Server or Citrix?

  • How is this used?

  • Is a VPN setup?

  • How many uses?

  • What do they access once connected?

  • Does anyone use GoToMy PC or Equivalent?

  • Who and why?

  • Internet Service Provider Information
  • ISP Name

  • Brief description of connectivity including available bandwidth

Application Information

  • Current Anti-Virus?

  • Line of Business Applications

  • Do any applications use SQL server?

  • Application Name(s)

  • SQL Server Version?

General Observations

  • Add any notes based on discussions, observation of old equipment, server room challenges, etc.

  • Overall, does the environment seem well maintained, is the equipment generally old or new, etc?

  • Are they expecting new applications, new offices, new users…?

  • Are there areas they have issues, chronic problems

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