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Immediately Dangerous Areas

  • The reason the Daily Dynamic Risk Assessment has been introduced is to highlight immediately dangerous areas, actions or issues within the warehouse, external grounds, porta cabins and office space so they can be rectified the same day they are highlighted. They are to be carried out each day by site management and supervision to highlight trends/patterns and ultimately reduce unsafe situations and accidents occurring.

  • I have inspected each area of the warehouse including the dangerously stacked items (over 5 ft on the ground floor) external grounds (front and back) waste storage areas, portacabins, office space, main warehouse, all floors of the mezzanine floor, main racking (including items at height) toilet and welfare areas with the following items being highlighted as immediately dangerous (capture photos) and listed the controls implemented to maintain safety levels.

Previous Controls Implemented

  • The previous days Dynamic Risk Assessment highlighted a number of areas that needed controls implementing with the following images confirm the hazard has been controlled/removed.


  • The Daily Dynamic Risk Assessment has been completed by - PRINT NAME

  • The Daily Dynamic Risk Assessment has been completed by - SIGN NAME

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