• COM Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Inspection Type

  • Trading Name

  • Person Interviewed

  • Name of inspecting Environmental Health Officer


  • Vehicle Registration Number

  • Vehicle Make/Model

  • Type of Water Carted

  • Construction material of tank (eg. Stainless steel, fibre glass, aluminium, coated mild steel)

  • Backflow prevention device fitted

  • Tank securely mounted to frame?

  • Sufficient opening for inspection?

  • Ability to be fully drained?

  • Suitable water hoses fitted?

  • Drinking water signs installed on the rear of tank?

Cleanliness of Vehicle

  • External surfaces of tank are clean and sanitary?

  • Appropriate sanitising method used to clean internal of tank; - Tank is filled with a solution of drinking water and 5mg/L chlorine and allowed to sit for 30 minutes - Tank is drained then rinsed with drinking water?

  • Pipes and Fittings suitably cleaned every month; - Clean pipes and fittings with detergent - Sanitise using a solution of drinking water and 5mg/L chlorine and allowed to sit for 30 minutes - Rinsed pipes and fittings with drinking water

  • Date tank and tank fittings were cleaned and sanitised

  • Method and chemicals used to clean and sanitise the vehicle


  • Name of water corporation

  • Address and telephone number of water corportation

  • Dockets and invoices available?

  • Transport date, time, driver, and name of water carter business

  • Location of water source (Best practice)

Further Action

  • Inspection Result

  • Action Required

Additional Comments

  • Additional comments and actions


  • Proprietor/staff:
    The above information is true and correct

  • Signature of Proprietor/Staff

  • Signature of Environmental Health Officer

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