Are the fuel bowser hoses free of cuts, abrasions,and signs of wear

Are the fuel bowser hoses soft or kinked

Is the 'No Smoking' sign in good condition, clear and visible from the water as well as land

Is the fire extinguisher in its proper location and fully charged for emergency use

Are the fuel tank valves located at the tanks easily accessible by employees

Are the fuel tank valves located at the tanks in sound condition (no leaks)

Is the security box and cover in good condition and able to be locked


Main Pontoon

Pontoon is being held correctly with no signs of pontoon floating abnormally

Flotation devises are present and secured to pedestals

Fire hoses are properly stored and secured with no signs of leakage

Break glass restrictors are in place and in good condition restricting use of the fire hose nozzles

Junior Pontoon

Are anti-slip treads, leading from the water, in good repair and properly secured

Are all ramp and pivot points secure in good condition and without signs of noise

Environmental boom floats for fuel spillage

Are these available and in good condition

Boat Workshop


Floors are clean and free from both rubbish and tripping hazards (eg: leads, timber, steel etc)


Areas trip lighting - are all lights working and without flickering

Over bench strip lightings - are all lights working and without flickering


Work area is free from welding fumes, dust particles and chemical fumes/spray.


Electrical power points are properly secured to the wall, are free of dust,
and are operating correctly

Main switch board doors are closed and are properly secured

Is there a build up of dust on the top of lighting and electrical equipment

Timber Work Bench

Working surface is clear of unwanted items / materials


Area is easily accessible from workshop

Areas clean and free from stored items

Hoses are in good condition and timer is set correctly

Work Benches

Bench surfaces are clear of unwanted tools, materials etc

Under bench floor is clear of all unwanted tools, materials etc.

Toolboxes are properly positioned / located

Vice grips are in good condition

Personal protective equipment is clean and in good condition

Machinery and Plant


Working and access space is being properly maintained (at least one metre in front of lathe)

Area lighting adequate for safe use of lathe

Lathe bed and coolant are free from swarf particles

Lathe key removed from chuck

Metal Work Bench

Free from unwanted materials and tools etc.

Bench Grinder

Grinding wheel, well nuts are fully enclosed in guards

Tools rests are adjusted as close as practicable to the grinding wheel

Face shields are clean and in good condition

Grinding wheels are properly trimmed

The grinding wheel size is within proper operating limits

Above head timber storage

Timber is properly identified, located and secured

Circular Saw Bench

Is properly positioned for safe use

The blade is sharp

Saw blade adjustment mechanism operates freely

The riveting knife is of the correct thickness and is properly positioned

The saw top guard fully covers the saw blade when in its highest position

The saw emergency stop button works effectively

The drive belts are fully enclosed by a guard

A suitable push block / stick is provided and is readily accessible

Planing Machine

Is properly positioned for safe use

The planing bales are sharp

The planers top guard fully covers the cutters on both sides of the guide fence

The planers electrical on/ off switch is operational

A suitable push block / stick is provided and is readily accessible

Pedestal Drilling Machines

The stop button is working effectively

The chuck key is removed from the drill chuck

The drill bit is removed from the chuck when not in use

The drilling machine flat bed vice is properly stored, so as to not provide a tripping or falling hazard

Portable Extractor Fan

The dust collection bowl is empty

Extraction pipes / ducts are in good condition

Portable Oxygen/ Acetylene Welding Unit

Gas supply is turned off at each bottle

Gas pipes are properly located and are free from cracks and splits

Gas bottles are properly secured with a chain to the welding set carriage

Anti-spark / flame arresters are fitted

Portable Mig Welder

Cables and leads are in good condition

Gas pipes are free from cracks and splits

Wire is fed into the machine

The correct Electrical test and check label is attached

Fire Extinguishers

All fire extinguishers are mounted on their hooks

Approved labels are in place to identify the type and location of each fire extinguisher

All fire extinguishers are full

Work Shed

Wash Basin

Is clean and tidy

Paper towels have been provided

Soap is provided

Rubbish bins are provided and cleared regularly


Area halogen lighting. All lights are working and are not flickering

Strip lights are clean and free from dust and dirt

Staff Amenities

Stairs and landing leading to lunch room

Access is not obstructed at ground level

Stairs are clear of leads and other items

Landing is clear of items

Under stair storage is neat and tidy

Under stair storage is free from stored flammable liquids and gases

Lunch Room

Floor surfaces are in good condition and free of trip hazards

Inside and outside of refrigerator is clean and hygienic (free from mould, old food or drink)

Bench and shelf tops are clean and free from food,plates etc. Surfaces are in good condition and properly secured

Toaster and Bain Marie are clean and free from food particles etc.

Kitchen sink, under cupboards, doors and surrounding wall surfaces are in good condition, clean, tidy and hygienic

All strip lights are working effectively

The four way power board adaptor is secure do the wall and is not being overloaded

The rubbish bin is hygienic and is clear of refuse

Staff toilets and showers

Are clean and in a hygienic condition

Privacy doors can be locked, are in good condition

Wet weather gear storage

Wet weather clothes are properly hung

Floors are clear except for boots

Wet weather gear is in good condition

Discarded clothing and other items are not blocking access

Epoxy Fillers and Resin Storage

Containers are properly stored on shelves

Container labels identify the product stored

Container lids are properly secured to prevent contamination of the product and / or the shed work area

Access is free from obstruction

Floor area

Is free from obstruction that may cause a tripping or, slipping hazard

Flammable Liquid Store and Paint Mixing Area


It is in good condition and free from tripping and / or slipping hazards

Bund between room floor and outside yard is in good condition

Chemicals stored properly

Mixing area working surface

Is clean, uncluttered and tidy


All lights and switches are in good working order


Air is freely circulating to remove fumes from this area

Access - Doors

Door moves freely when being opened and closed and can be easily secured


Risk status signs are in good condition and reflect the contents of the store materials


Equipment leads are secured and away from walking and access ways

Paint, thinners, resin storage etc

Shelves are not overloaded

Shelves are not bent

Walkways / access to storage areas are not blocked by products and / or materials

Products labeled properly with lids secured in place

Refuse bins are in good condition and are empty

Additional Items / Hazards / Observations

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.