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  • Waikato District Council Playground Audit

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Site Condition

  • Is the playground clean and maintained including being free of moss/lichen buildup?

  • Are walking surfaces free of debris and trip hazards, not slippery and structurally sound?

  • Is the playground free of weeds or vegetation growth?

  • Is the playground free of rubbish including broken glass?

Play Structures

  • Are moving parts clean, lubricated, not distorted, safe and functional with less than 30% wear on all components?<br>(includes shackles, chain links, bolts, pins, hinges, S hooks closed, bearings, swing seats)

  • Are all components capable of free movement, rubber casings complete, rivots and swing plates complete?

  • Check for soundness of weld joints

  • Are bolts and connectors fit for intended purpose free from distortion with less than 30% wear?

  • Are all ropes, wires and nets free of excessive warping?

  • Are all static components free of missing parts, stable, secure and free from distortion. No corrosion/rot and/or movement?

  • Are all sharp edges or projections safe ? ( All end sections, bolt heads to be rounded, recessed, capped or covered with protective caps)


  • Is loose fill under-surfacing safe, clean and functional with even level surface, adequate depth > 300mm, drained, free of foreign matter, kept loose?

  • Are wet poor or tilessafe clean and functional? (Ensure safe walking, non slip)

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