Weekly Check List Kitchen

Ensure all high risk foods in fridges and freezers have correct USE BY date?

Check all contact points for cleanliness eg light switches, door handles, paper and soap dispensers, bins and exteriors

Check all foods in fridges and freezers are covered

Ensure no mixed foods are held in one container

Ensure cooked food is stored above raw food

Check hand wash, no food waste and is being used paper in bin and wet

Check glass policy is active and no drinking glasses in kitchen

Check cleanliness of work surfaces, wall, floors and behind equipment

Have all staff got foundation food hygiene certificate?

Are staff aware of the essentials of food hygiene and reporting illness ?

Check for pests, check insecticutor works, unbinned waste, ingress points

Check probe calibration is being recorded

Check fridges 0-5oC freezers -18 to -23 and are recorded

Check all high risk food delivery temps are recorded

Check all meat joints cooking/cooling is recorded

Is all buffet cooking/cooling recorded?

Is all batch cooking/cooling recorded?

Check buffets recorded on out of control record sheet

Date of inspection
Signature of inspector