Jobsite Documentation

  • Site Specific Safety Plan completed, updated, and available?

  • Safety orientation being done and up to date?

  • Bi-weekly PM/Supt safety walks up to date?

  • Daily JSA's completed? Quality? Entire crew attending?

  • Weekly safety meeting held/documented?

  • Training - OSHA 10/30 hour and specific equipment

  • Safety as a main topic in Schedule/Coordination meetings?

  • Safety notebook current?

  • Comments:

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Hard hat, safety glasses, and/or goggles available and being used as needed?

  • Face shields available for sawing, grinding, pouring concrete?

  • Hearing protection worn when required?

  • Respirators worn when required, and med clearance and fit test completed?

  • Gloves/hand protection worn when required?

  • High visibility vests or clothing worn as required?

  • Comments:

Electrical Safety Issues

  • Lockout/Tagout is being used for appropriate tasks?

  • GFCIs used for all portable electric hand tools?

  • GFCIs tested weekly with documentation?

  • Electrical panels and room doors are labeled appropriately?

  • Temp lighting protected from damage and bulbs protected from breaking?

  • Illumination adequate?

  • Extension cords in good condition and have grounding prong?

  • Strain relief in tact for all flexible cords or plug fittings?

  • Comments:

General Safety & Health Issues

  • General housekeeping is neat and orderly?

  • Protruding nails removed or bent over?

  • Fresh water & cups provided? Trash can near by? Taped and labeled with today's date?

  • Concrete work? Silica awareness training documented for all?

  • Dust exposure kept to minimum with water, fans, and vac tools?

  • All containers properly labeled?

  • Comments:

Fire Protection

  • Hot work permits required for grinding, cutting, welding?

  • Flammable liquids storage containers labeled properly?

  • Fire extinguishers readily available, accessible, and inspected monthly?

  • Fire extinguishers located between 25ft - 75ft near all fuel storage areas?

  • Comments:

Tools & Equipment

  • Compressed gas cylinders stored, secured upright, and caps in places?

  • Portable grinders have guards and handle in place?

  • Cutting goggles used with torch setup?

  • Portable circular saw have all guards in place?

  • Impact style air tools and hoses secured/safety clipped?

  • Pneumatic power tools have hoses secured/safety clips?

  • Operators of powered actuated tools licensed?

  • Comments:


  • Excavation? Ladders or ramped used in >4ft deep? Ladders extend 3ft past ground level?

  • Excavation? Protection from cave-ins for >5ft deep?

  • Spoil piles minimum 2ft back from edge?

  • Competent person inspected prior to accessing excavation/trench? Paperwork on site?

  • Open excavation barricaded?

  • Comments:

Fall Protection

  • Perimeters, wall openings and floor holes are covered or guarded?

  • 100% fall protection in place above 6ft in height?

  • Employees operating lifts are trained on equipment?

  • Fall protection harness and lanyard properly used and inspected every 6 months by competent person?

  • Rebar caps used for protruding impalement hazards?

  • Leading edge/warning lines in place with signs?

  • Employees, subcontractors, and public protected from falling objects?

  • Comments:


  • Ladders ares safe and inspected as required?

  • Stair rails are required at 30inches in elevation or 4 risers?

  • Stairs or ladder provided for access points > than 19 inches?

  • Extension ladders extend beyond 3ft landing and secured?

  • Step ladders are only used in open position and locked/flat surface?

  • No standing on top two steps of step ladders?

  • Offset guardrails or personal fall protection for ladder openings higher than protection?

  • Comments:


  • Scaffolding and guardrails used?

  • Scaffold work platform fully decked? 2x12ft planks in good conditions and secured?

  • Ladder access to all areas of scaffolding?

  • All scaffolds inspected daily and documented by competent person?

  • Base plates and proper mud sills used?

  • Comments:


  • Wire rope used for lifting? Inspection completed and tagging available?

  • Webslings used for lifting? Inspection completed and tagging available?

  • Crane use? Counter weight swing radius barricaded? Daily inspection completed and with certified operator?

  • Hooks used for lifting have safety latch or are shake outs being used properly?

  • Taglines being used properly?

  • Comments:

Material Handling

  • Employees using proper lifting techniques? Good posture?

  • Material over 75lbs requires team lift or mechanical assistance.

  • Stretch and flex being utilized by site or foreman?

  • Comments:

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