• Time sheet No.

  • Weekly time sheet

  • Civelec Australia Pty Ltd
    6/ 178 Redlands Bay Road
    Capalaba QLD 4157

  • Prepared by

  • Project Location (if applicable)
  • Business unit

  • Submitted on

Worker Details

  • Employee name (pick from list)

  • Enter name (if not on list)

  • Employment category

Timesheet period

  • Enter week ending date (must be a Monday)


  • Did you work for Civelec Australia Pty Ltd?

  • Record details for each day

  • Day
  • Daily hours worked (start on Tuesday end on Monday)

  • Enter the project number e.g. 1011 or annual leave etc

  • Add your normal hours worked (excl. lunch break)

  • Did you work on multiple projects?

  • Enter project details

  • Project
  • Enter project number

  • Enter normal work hours

  • Did you work overtime?

  • Enter overtime worked at time and a half.

  • Time and a half
  • Enter project number.

  • Enter worked hours at time and a half

  • Did you work double time?

  • Enter overtime hours worked at double time.

  • Double time
  • Enter project number.

  • Enter overtime hours worked at double time.


  • Do you have any claims this week? E.g. Fares, travel, meal, site allowance, tools

  • Record all claim details for the week

  • Day
  • Day of claim

  • Select claim type

  • Type amount

  • Insert copy of receipt or evidence.


  • 1. Attach copies of receipts.
    2. Arrange for your manager to approve.
    3. All time-sheets must be submitted by 10am every Monday.
    4. Send completed timesheet to

  • Add Notes:

  • Employee initials

  • Manager Approval

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