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Roll prep

  • Is the EE's work area clean and free of hazards or debris?

  • Is the EE inspecting rolls for damage prior to prepping for use on the machine?

  • If damage is found did he/she report it to the clamp truck driver for replacement or assistance in peeling off the damage?

  • Is the EE only peeling off the necessary amount to ensure a reliable splice can be made?

  • Is the EE using the proper tools to prep the roll and move it in to position?

  • Is the EE picking up the damaged wraps in safe increments of 6 wraps or less of 42lb or less. 3 wraps or less of 55lb. or higher?

  • Is the EE using safe lifting practices when lifting and placing peel in the peel cart?

Splice Prep

  • Upon chucking up roll. Did EE spin the roll a full rotation to ensure the roll was still damage free?

  • Did EE line up the roll with the running roll provided its the same size and grade for the current order?

  • Did EE properly thread the spliced head and minimize the forward tail waste?

  • Did EE properly crease and apply splice tape to ensure a good seal?

  • Did EE properly index the splice using one of the proven methods taught in the facility?

  • Did the EE properly run The head in and set the brake after removing as much slack as possible?

  • Did the operator verify he had a green light signifying he had an armed splicer?

Positioning for the splice

  • Was the EE at the splicer ready to splice at least 2 minutes prior to the splice?

  • Is the EE making proper call outs to the dry end to alert them of the impending splice?

  • Is the dry end responding to the wet end call outs?

  • Did the EE successfully make the splice? If No, then why not?

  • Did the EE have to manually fire the splicer or did copar fire it automatically?

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