• Document No.

  • Wodonga Recreation Reserve Facility Audit

  • Club / Facility

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by: Liona Edwards

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Area photo of facility


  • Has the operating club provided evidence of their current public liability insurance?

  • Capture a picture of the document.

  • Are there any outside clubs, community groups or others using the facilities?

  • Have other casual or regular users completed a hire agreement?

  • Capture a picture of the document.

  • Have they provided proof of public liability insurance?

  • Does the operating club inspect the playing surface prior to:

  • Competition

  • Training


  • Is the playing surface area level?

  • Are all field/line markings clearly visible and in good condition?

  • Are all goal posts sturdy and in good condition?

  • Are all sprinklers level with the playing surface and appropriately covered?

  • Are there any other protrusions / dangers on or around the playing surface?

  • Overall condition of the playing surface? 1- Poor 5 - Excellent


  • Are the following components condition satisfactory?

  • Walls (damaged)

  • Floors / Stairs

  • Ceiling

  • Doors / Locks

  • Electrical

  • Gas

  • Fire Protection

  • Paths

  • Car Parks

  • Water

  • Security

  • Heating / Cooling

  • Carpet / Furnishings

  • Is the kitchen in clean working order?

  • Does the premises have a current food act registration?

  • Are change rooms in clean working order?

  • Are all toilets (male, female and disabled) in clean working order?

  • Are first aid kits stocked and available for use?


  • Is fencing in a safe condition?

  • Is appropriate signage displayed at the facility?

  • Is signage in good condition?

  • Are grandstands and seating free from broken and/or loose sections?

  • Are any associated buildings/facilities (excluding pavilions) in good condition? IE. Scoreboards, Gatekeeper Hut.

  • Are rubbish and recycle bins secured in an appropriate position?

  • Is there any evidence of vandalism?

  • Has all flammable material of being used for arson been removed?

  • Are there any inherent dangers to passive or casual users within the reserve? EG. Proximity of creeks, embankments, access road, trees or other organised events?

  • Are there any inherent dangers to players, sporting participants or spectators within the location of the reserve? EG Proximity of creeks, embankments, access road or trees.


  • Hazard 1

  • Hazard 2

  • Hazard 3


  • Renovation program as per parks contract?

  • Specific action / treatments required?

  • Key issues and comments


Lease Agreement

  • Is there a current lease/agreement held?

  • When does it need to be renewed?

  • Are there any specific requirements of the lease/agreement not otherwise dealt with in this checklist?

  • Document the requirement

  • Is there evidence that the requirement is being complied with?


  • Club Representative

  • Club Representative

  • Club Representative

  • Auditor

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