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1. Facility Condtion

Facility Condition

  • Is the pool concourse free of moveable objects?

  • Is the pool concourse free of slip, trip, fall, entrapment hazards?

  • Is the pool free of protruding objects which may present a hazard?

  • Is equipment stored appropriately?

  • "Are all boundary fence gates / doors locked where appropriate?"

  • Are all boundary fences complete / secure?

  • "Are any repairs to the fence completed in a satisfactory manner?"

  • "Are the Toilets / Change areas clean and free of offensive odours?"

  • "Are the Toilets / Change areas free of slip, trip, fall entrapment hazards?"

  • "Are the Toilets / Change areas free of broken or missing tiles?"

  • "Are the Toilets / Change areas free of damaged or missing fittings?"

  • Are the buildings maintained in a safe condition?

2. Signage


  • Are there sufficient depth markers in all pools (including Spas and Toddlers Pools)?

  • Are there sufficient 'No Diving' signs in appropriate areas?

  • Are there sufficient Shallow Water signs in all areas <=1.2m in depth?

  • Are there sufficient Child Supervision signs displayed where appropriate?

  • Is all signage around pool deck in fair condition?

3. First Aid

First Aid Equipment

  • Does the First Aid Kit contents match stock as listed in stock checklist (checklists for First Aid Kits should be available)?

  • Is Oxygen Equipment provided and in working order?

  • Is the following equipment readily available?

  • Is the following equipment accessible from all areas of the facility within 30 seconds?

  • Are spare incident / first aid report forms available?

4. Plant Room / Chemical Storage

Plant Room / Chemical Storage Area

  • Is the main plant room door / gate locked?

  • Are all chemicals stored safely?

  • Is appropriate PPE available (for chemicals stored on site)?

  • Are current MSDS's in the plant room/chemical storage area for all chemicals?

  • Are pool tests conducted at least every 4 hrs?

  • Do pool tests comply with relevant regulations?

  • Are all pools sufficiently clear?

  • Is No Smoking signage displayed on doors leading to plant rooms / chemical storage areas?

  • Is HAZCHEM signage displayed at all entrances to plant rooms / chemical storage areas?

  • Are all current maintenance issues documented and reported appropriately?

  • Is appropriate fire fighting equipment provided and readily accessible?

  • Is an emergency map displayed in the plant rooms/chemical storage areas?

5. Administration / Documentation

Administration / Documentation

  • Is there anything missing from the Operations Manual documenting appropriate procedures / processes?

  • Is there anything missing from the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) containing appropriate procedures / processes?

  • Is the Emergency Action Plan practiced regularly (every 12 months)?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals stored on site?

  • Is there a current copy of the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation on site?

  • Has a Risk Assessment been conducted and documented to determine the appropriate level of staffing / number of lifeguards and their positioning throughout the facility and NOT taking into consideration the following criteria?

  • Are service records for the following equipment NOT maintained?

  • Are emergency numbers displayed close to all phones?

6. Potential Property Exposures

Potential Property Exposures

  • Arson - unrestrained wheelie bins, other combustible materials

  • Fire - electrical, gas, access to underside of build, chemicals, other<br>

  • Burglary/Theft - Inadequate security, accessible roofs/skylights, visible portable equipment, fencing, other<br>

  • Water/Storm - blocked drains/gutters, poor plumbing maintenance, overhanging trees, other

  • Other - vandalism, vehicle impact - parking too close to buildings, machinery maintenance, other

7. Sign Off

Sign Off

  • Auditor

  • Facility Representative

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