Emergency Response/Fire Protection

  • Fire extinguishers inspected monthly and unblocked?

  • Employees aware of emergency procedures and where assembly areas are? (Interview >=2 employees)

  • Eyewash/Safety Shower stations inspected and unblocked?

  • Sufficient emergency equipment installed in the area?
    -Fire extinguishers, eyewash, safety shower, spill kits, alarm pull stations, etc.


  • Is there any loose wiring?

  • Are the power points in good condition?

Employee questions

  • Employee Name

  • Do you know who the Health and Safety Officer is?

  • Where are the SDS located?

  • Do you know what SDS stands for?

  • Where is the first aid kit located?

  • Can you point out where a fire extinguisher or hose reel is located?

  • How do you report an in ident or hazard?

  • Where can you find the incident and hazard forms located?

  • How do you request a repair?

  • Where is the emergency assembly area?

  • Who is the depots fire warden?

  • Who is the depots first aid officer?

First aid

  • Are the emergency personnel displayed?

  • Are there incident and hazard forms available?


  • Equipment inspected per inspection frequency requirements?

  • Operators using horns and warning devices where required?

  • No passengers on equipment designed for operators only?

  • Are the PRE trip books being completed?

  • Are the forklift drivers keeping to the walking pace speed limit?

General Safety and Housekeeping

  • Trash, debris, and equipment not left laying around?

  • Are the bins being emptied regularly?

Hazard Substances

  • Employees know how to find SDS (Interview >=2 employees)

  • Are the SDS current?

  • Chemicals are stored in proper containers and labeled properly?
    -Secondary containers that are not in control of current shift labeled with HMIS label or equivalent?
    -Labels legible and accurately indicates the chemical that is inside the container?

  • Chemicals stored properly?

Loading Zones

  • Are the keys to the trucks on the hooks?

  • Is there only one person per dock?

  • Do the trucks have the hand brake applied and the keys out of the ignition?


  • Are PPE requirements sufficient?

  • Is PPE supplied adequate for the task?

  • Is PPE being worn properly?

  • PPE supplies readily available to operators

Spill kits

  • Spill kits are available where needed and are equipped/inspected as required?

  • Is the spill kit in good condition?


  • Is the SAFTY signage clear, visible and appropriate?


  • Is there evidence of smoking on site?


  • Are the walkways clear of obstruction?

  • Are employees and visitors using the walkway?

Recommendations & Comments

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