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  • Working at Heights - Permit to Work Number

Basket Check List

  • Is there any damage to the controls?

  • Have you checked the service and daily logbook for faults & repairs and that the 90 day service is current?

  • I am aware of the safe working load (227 kgs - persons + tools + materials)

  • Are all warnings and decals present and legible?

  • Are all anchor points free of cracks, fatigue or damage?

  • Does the entry gate self close?

  • Are there any cracks or signs of damage to the hand rails?

  • I have checked and removed any rubbish or liquids from the floor.

Boom Check List

  • Has the structural integrity been checked for damage? (ie. cracks, rust, impacts)

  • Have hoses been checked for damage? (ie. nicks, cracks, exposed braid)

  • Have control cables been checked for damage? (ie. nicks, cracks)

  • Have hydraulic rams been checked for leaks or damage?

  • Are the pivot pins sitting in place correctly?

  • Are there any missing or broken locking pins / bolts?

Chassis Check List

  • Has the slue ring, drive ring and locking ring been inspected?

  • Has the data plate been checked for weight, model, safe working load, height and reach?

  • Have the fluids been checked? (hydraulic & battery fluid)

  • Have the batteries been checked for corrosion & charge?

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  • Person carrying out inspection & operating equipment

  • Permit Authority

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