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General Safety

  • All high risk tasks have been identified and JHA's completed?

  • Work crew understand the tasks and hazards?

  • Drinking water available?

  • First aid kit in place?

Lay down area / go line

  • Housekeeping to a good safe standard?

  • Signage in place


  • Adequate dust suppression?

  • Chemical SDS available?

  • Spill kit available?

  • Heritage clearly marked where applicable?

Dump area

  • Call up point in place?

  • Surface clear of hazards?

  • No signs of cracking or slumping?

Wall failures/slumping

  • Is the area coned off?


  • Have equipment pre-start checks been performed?

Roads and tracks

  • How is the general condition of the roads?

  • Are there any washed out areas?

  • Are the road not over watered?

  • Is the road/track gradient adequate, proper width and no pot holes?

Signage and communication

  • Is the emergency contacts list & a procedure available?

  • Has a radio communications check been performed?

  • Is Muster point signage in place

  • Is signage clean and visable?

  • Is there adequate signage to ensure operational exclusion zone

Open edges

  • Are guide posts in place and clean?

  • Are windrows sufficiently wide enough to stop vehicles?

  • Are windrows the axle height of the largest tyres vehicle?

  • Are open edges coned off or have windrows in place?

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