1. Layout

  • Area is clean, tidy and well kept.

  • Floor is free of obstructions and slip resistant.

  • All unused parts labelled , negative ressed and ready for return

  • Barricading in place where required and tagged ( IE drop zones and Hot works )

2. Environment

  • Temperature is comfortable.

  • Lighting is adequate.

3. Emergency Procedures

  • Emergency evacuation procedures and exits displayed

  • Are spill kits available?

  • Portable fire extinguishers have been provided and maintained.

  • All fire hose reels operational and clean

  • Escape routes and emergency doors are clear.

4. First Aid Facilities

  • There are appropriate first aid and emergency facilities in the near vicinity and workers' are aware of them.

  • First Aid kits are clearly signed, stocked and contents are in-date.

  • Emergency Response board inspected, all equipment serviceable and present

5. General Facilities

  • Warning and Safety signage in good condition.

  • Is bunding in place for oil/fluid storage ?

  • Is the yard and drain free from hazards. Graded and free from excess mud build up?

6. Manual Handling

  • Trolleys or mechanical hoists are available and are being considered for heavy items or loads.

  • Step ladders or safe steps available

7. Storage

  • Materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible are not above shoulder height.

  • Storage designed to minimize lifting problems I.e. heavy objects not stored on upper racks.

8. Slips and Trips

  • Walkways are free of hazards, such as electrical leads.

  • Walkways that have the necessity for cables/hoses to be run across have trays installed

9. Electrical Safety

  • All portable equipment has current test tags.

  • Faulty equipment is tagged out. (Tag and tags is available).

10. Chemical Aspects

  • Chemicals stored according to compatibility and bundled i.e. in flammable or corrosive cabinets.

  • Are the warning signs on the cabinet legible? (e.g. DG Class 3 diamond, no smoking, no ignition sources).

11. Personal Protective Equipment

  • PPE store available well maintained and in good order.

  • Signage of PPE requirements displayed on equipment.

  • Required PPE available

12. Noise

  • Control measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of injury as a result of noise, including the provision of personal hearing protection.

13. Machinery and Plant

  • Records are kept of maintenance, repairs and inspections.

  • Are safe work method statements/warning signs clearly visible?

  • Pre-start safety check of mobile plant is carried out in accordance to Manufactures instructions, all pre starts for maintenance equipment collected.

  • Entry Checklists completed for all Equipment in the workshop

  • All Vehicles; light and heavy, where required have wheel chocks installed

14. Permits and Risk Assessment tools

  • Permits that have been opened are entered onto the register

  • Permits requiring closure at end of shift have been closed and updated in the register

  • Risk Assessments completed for all tasks IE BMA Safe , JSA , SWI

15. Welding Safety

  • Is there adequate ventilation for welding tasks?

  • Are there appropriate warning signs in welding areas?

Other Hazards

  • Other hazards

Acknowledgement of Completion

  • Select date

  • Add signature

  • Signed and Uploaded to Corvus Shift Log

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