• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Vehicle Registration Number:

Odometer Reading:


  • Did you fill the vehicle with fuel on your shift?

  • Liters

  • Fuel Cost


  • Are the keys in working order?

  • Is there any external bodywork damage?<br>.

  • Vehicle Damage

  • Where is the damage located?

  • If damage is visible, has an Incident Report been completed by the driver?<br><br>If NO, contact AOM immediately.

  • Is the exterior of the vehicle clean?

  • Are the rims bent or damaged?

  • Rims

  • Are the tyres inflated properly?

  • Is the Windshield clean?

  • Are the headlights working?<br><br>Dims and brights?

  • Are all the Lightbar functions working?

  • Are all doors operational?


  • Interior photo(s)

  • Does the interior light work?

  • Are all equipment and stock properly packed away and secured for transit?

  • Stored Items

  • Is the radio operational?

  • Have all used stock been replaced?

  • Are all emergency equipment present and up to date?

  • Are all the tools present?

  • Is the interior clean and free of rubbish?


In the event of handover on a Saturday the vehicle is to be washed.

  • Has the vehicle been washed?

  • Are you handing the vehicle over in the same state that you received it in?

  • Name:

  • Shift Start Driver

  • Select date

  • Are you receiving the vehicle in good order?

  • Name:

  • Select date

  • Shift End Driver

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