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1. Health and Safety Systems

  • A. Are safety noticeboard/s updated with current information (not greater than 12months)

  • B. Is the WHS policy displayed and current

  • C. Is "Who Represents you" displayed and current

2. Housekeeping

  • A. Is the site clean and tidy

  • B. Are site access roads maintained in a trafficable condition

  • C. Are all boundary fences free from excessive debris?

  • D. Is the site free of any subsidence/holes that may cause injury or damage to vehicles?

  • E. Are floors, walkways, stairs and ladders free from trip hazards?

3. Amenities and Environment

  • A. Are washing and ablution facilities provided?

  • B. Are they clean/hygienic?

  • C. Is sharps handling and collection equipment available?

  • D. Is ventilation of the work area adequate?

  • E. Is lighting of work areas adequate?

  • F. Noise levels are not excessive?

  • G. Is the temperature of the work areas adequate?

4. Fire and Emergency

  • A. Have fire extinguishers/hose reels been serviced and tagged as per maintenance program?

  • B. Are suitable fire extinguishers available for all flammable and combustible substances and electrical fires in the work place?

  • C. Are fire exits clearly identifiable, easily opened and clear of obstructions?

  • D. Are fire hose reel cupboards/extinguisher clear of obstruction and clearly identifiable?

  • E. Are fire and emergency instructions/plans documented and clearly displayed?

  • F. Are all personnel aware of evacuation procedures?

  • G. Is there a defined Emergency Assembly point?

  • H. Workers are aware of Emergency Assembly point?

  • I. Is the site emergency plan up to date and regularly reviewed?

5. First Aid

  • A. Are there sufficient first aid kits at the workplace?

  • B. Are contents of first aid cabinet/kit clean and orderly?

  • C. Are items in the kit within their expiry dates?

  • D. Is the first aid kit clearly labelled and easily accessible?

  • E. Are there trained first aiders at the workplace?

  • F. Do workers know who first aiders are?

  • G. Are emergency phone numbers displayed?

  • H. Defibrillator inspected and checked, pads checked within expiry date

6. Electrical Equipment

  • A. Are all portable electrical equipment, semi-portable electrical equipment, flexible cords and cables, extension leads and connections maintained in a safe and serviceable condition?

  • B. Have all electrical leads and equipment, which are not protected by RCD, been checked and tagged currency has not expired

  • C. Are all electric cable(including extension leads) kept off the floor?

  • D. Are all electrical switchboards accessible and unobstructed?

  • E. RCD's are being checked and evidence of this is displayed?

  • F. Are light fittings clean and in good condition?

  • G. LOTO Station and tags available on site?

7. Confined Space

  • A. Are all confined spaced clearly identifiable, eg signage?

  • B. Is emergency rescue equipment readily available?

  • C. Where there is a risk of falling greater than 2.4m, is there an anchor point and is the anchor point in good working order and tested and tagged every 6months?

  • D. Are appropriate gas detectors available and within calibration date?

  • E. Has a risk assessment and entry permit been completed?

8. Lifting Equipment

  • A. Is lifting equipment tagged displaying Safe Working Load and inspection details?

  • B. Are hooks used for slinging loads fitted with safety latches?

  • C. Are round/flat web slings inspected and tested by a competent person quarterly?

  • D. Are swift lifts inspected and tested by a competent person half yearly?

  • E. Are ancillary lifting equipment inspected and tested by a competent person annually?

  • F. Are gantry/monorail cranes maintained as per the standard, AS2550.3:2002 and AS1418.18:2001?

  • G. Is the correct lifting equipment being used?

9. Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

  • A. Is there a register of all hazardous substances and dangerous goods and the register is up to date (within 5years of the issue date)?

  • B. All substances are correctly labelled including decanted substances for prolonged use?

  • C. Is adequate signage in place where hazardous substance/dangerous goods are stored?

  • D. Are hazardous substances/dangerous goods appropriately segregated whilst in storage?

  • E. Emergency showers/eye wash stations operational and located nearby to areas where hazardous substances are used and stored?

  • F. Have risk assessments on all substances and dangerous goods have been undertaken and recorded?

  • G. Is a spill kit available and maintained?

  • H. Are all chemicals no longer required disposed of correctly?

10. Personal Protective and Safety Equipment

  • A. Has the appropriate personal safety equipment been issued?

  • B. Is all protective clothing and equipment in good condition?

  • C. Are staff aware of the requirement to use PPE?

11. Mobile Plant

  • A. Do plant operators hold a valid licence or certificate of competency?

  • B. Are safety devices, eg seatbelt, on the plant in safe working condition?

  • C. Are daily pro-operation checks undertaken ans recorded?

  • D. Operators have been inducted on the plant?

  • E. Are operators aware of the Safe Working Load for the plant they are operating?

  • F. Is the plant maintained in good condition?

12. Work At Height

  • A. Have all areas for working at height been identified?

  • B. Is there a safe means of access to these areas by authorised persons?

  • C. Are fixed ladders maintained as per the relevant Australian Standard AS1657:2013?

  • D. Is there fall arrest system installed on these ladders?

  • E. Are harnesses being maintained in good condition?

  • F. Are harnesses being inspected and tested by a competent person every 6months?

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