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  • Is there shelving at the site

  • Are shelving loads stacked correctly, ie heavy items at the bottom and lighter items at the top

  • There is no potential for the shelving to fall on workers?

  • Are all shelves secured to the wall or floor, including book cases, internal shelving

  • Is there pallet racking at the site

  • Manufacturer's name, suppliers name, trademark and installation date are displayed on SWL signage<br>

  • Safe working limits for total load per bay and load per beam level are displayed on SWL signage

  • Is racking straight

  • Vertical uprights and horizontal beams are not damaged

  • Racking is bolted to the wall or floor

  • No cracks or corrosion

  • No twisting of upright

  • Is rack bracing compliant

  • No bracing missing, per design drawings

  • Bracing is secured (bolted)

  • Bracing not damaged eg not buckled?

  • Are base plates on each upright correct, eg welded and in good condition

  • Is each base plate bolted to the floor, min 1 bolt or 2 bolts at end if more than 1 bay

  • Bolts are not loose or damaged

  • Are loads and pallets positioned correctly and not likely to fall

  • Are pallets "locked" into beams

  • Are pallets in good condition

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