Type of flooring

Are all floors free from tripping hazards, e.g. Bags, boxes, trailing wires, rubbish etc.)?

Are floors non-slip, where appropriate (e.g. In craft rooms etc)?

Are floors cleaned regularly? And are spills cleaned up immediately?

Aisles, Exits and Doors

Are fire routes kept clear?

Is the doorway easily accessible for wheelchairs/scooters
If door step not compliant add photo

Do all doors open freely and easily?

Is the door closing speed acceptable and unlikely to cause harm?

Do doors which require them to have vision panels made from toughened/laminated glass?

Do fire doors display the correct notices? E.g. Fire door keep shut - turn snib to open - push bar to exit

What door hardware is fitted?


Is all lighting adequate and well positioned for the purpose?

Are all light fittings and light switches in good order and checked regular?

Has the room good natural lighting?

All lights working, no flickering tubes

Windows and ventilation
Are all windows easy to operate? Window opening hardware mechanically sound?

Can unreachable windows be opened easily? Are window opening aids available to the classroom?

Are windows cleaned regularly?

Is glass free from cracks and chips?

Where there are large areas of glass facing direct sunlight, is there provision for shading, e.g. Venetian blinds?

Suitability of room for purpose

Is the room suitable for teaching?


Are fittings especially shelving in a safe position and unlikely to cause harm?

Is the room free from large, heavy, unsuitable items placed/stored too high?

Are cabinets, cupboard, shelves etc., stable and fixed where required?

Is the room free from any unsafe items that should be locked/stored away when room is unsupervised?

Displays / fittings / notices

Are display boards, free from sharp/protruding objects I.e. staples, plastics etc.?

Do current displays pose any risks? I.e. stored, fixed, and secured appropriately?

Are the display(s) / projects: blocking or hampering the circulation of the area? Or prohibiting fire routes?

Has the room been provided with a clock and does it display the correct time?

Is there a cross in the room?


(If applicable) Has the room suitable hand washing facilities e.g. Soap, hand towels?

(If applicable) should this room be considered for air conditioning? Please explain why.

Has this room been provided with first aid kit? Are they monitored and replenished regularly?

Is this room at high risk? Should this room be provided with a fist aid kit?

Are fire procedures displayed in the classroom?

Is there a Evacuation Map?

Would or should this room benefit from a fire blanket?

Other Matters?

Please use the boxes provided below to identify any other matters that has any WHS relevance to this room:

Item 1).

Add media

Item 2).

Add media

Item 3).

Add media


Furniture and fittings

Is furniture located in a safe place I.e. not too near to the door or likely to block other areas such as walkways?

All furniture and fittings in reasonable condition? With no loose, worn or broken parts?

Student desks


Types of media & Controls fitted

Projector Brand

DVD Player

AV Controller

Apple TV / Air port



Wireless access point?


Total Amount of Computers




Has electrical equipment been periodically PAT tested?

Are electrical appliances, plugs and leads in good condition?

Are sockets in good condition and appropriately situated?

Is the room free from double adapters?
Note: if so can more fixed socket be installed to help eliminate its use?

All electrical items stored/mounted appropriately?

Are Fans Fitted?

Are Fans in good working order?

How many fans fitted?

Network Switch Cabinet

Photo of Cabinet

Electrical Switch Cabinet

Photo of Cabinet
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.