Gear Pins Installed


Check NWS and GND SPOILERS switches OFF

Fuel load on arrival (lbs)?

Engine oil levels (Check within 5-30 minutes of engine shut-down)

LH Level

Amount added

RH Level

Amount added

Install Pitot/Static Probe Covers

Service Lavatory

Nose Landing Gear and Wheel Well

Landing gear and wheel well - security and condition

Wheels and tires

Clean strut

Main Landing Gear and Wheel Well

Landing gear wheel well (security and condition)

Wheels tires and brakes

Clean strut


Radome-general condition and security

Windshield- General condition and cleanliness

Visually inspect pitot and static probes for dents, corrosion, contamination, and the airframe structure surrounding the pitot and static probes for dents, paint chips or any deformities.

Ice detectors

Stall warning vanes

Antenna security

Check fuel panel - Engine oil level indication

Main entry door


Intake / Exhaust - Condition

Cowlings - Condition


General condition of wings, flaps, spoilers and ailerons

Static discharge wicks

Aft Equipment Compartment

Equipment installations - general condition

Fire bottle pressures - 600 PSI

#1, #2 and Aux. Hyd. System quantity

Filter by-pass buttons not popped - (9 Total)

Ecology bottles - check quantity - drain as required

HF Couplers - check pressures – 1-7 PSI

Rear Fuselage/Empennage ​

Oxygen over pressure relief indicator

APU inlet, exhaust and generator inlet scoops

Vertical/Horizontal stabilizer, rudder and elevators

Cargo, emergency exit door - condition


External and emergency lights

Cockpit lighting

Verify hydraulic quantities: Note: Quantity varies according to temp refer to AMM.

1. LEFT > 45% ________

2. AUX > 55% _________

3. RIGHT > 55% _________

Cabin, Galley and Lav ​​

Emergency equipment

Galley/Lavatory water/Test drain heaters

Cabin lighting

Aircraft stores

Disconnect Main Batteries

Flight discrepancies checked and reviewed​​​.

Departure Date

Connect main batteries, power up aircraft check CAS. Messages & current faults in MDC

Check tire pressures- Main 157-165 PSI Nose 113-119 PSI​​​

Visually check aft equipment compartment

Visually check CB's in cockpit and aft compartment

Engine intake - clear Remove all plugs & covers

Visually inspect pitot and static ports for dents. Corrosion, contamination, and the airframe structure surrounding the pitot and static probes for dents, paint chips or any deformities.

Check hydraulic accumulator pressures - 500 +/- 25 PSI

Check oxygen pressure__________PSI

Sump fuel tanks ​​


Beer needed for restock?

Bud Light
Coors Light
Miller Lite
Shiner Bock

Liquor needed for restock?

Bicardi Rum
Glenlivet Scotch
Jack Daniels
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