• Gear Pins Installed

  • PITOT HEAT switches OFF

  • Check NWS and GND SPOILERS switches OFF

  • Fuel load on arrival (lbs)?

  • Engine oil levels (Check within 5-30 minutes of engine shut-down)

  • LH Level

  • Amount added

  • RH Level

  • Amount added

  • Install Pitot/Static Probe Covers

  • Service Lavatory

Nose Landing Gear and Wheel Well

  • Landing gear and wheel well - security and condition

  • Wheels and tires

  • Clean strut

Main Landing Gear and Wheel Well

  • Landing gear wheel well (security and condition)

  • Wheels tires and brakes

  • Clean strut


  • Radome-general condition and security

  • Windshield- General condition and cleanliness

  • Visually inspect pitot and static probes for dents, corrosion, contamination, and the airframe structure surrounding the pitot and static probes for dents, paint chips or any deformities.

  • Ice detectors

  • Stall warning vanes

  • Antenna security

  • Check fuel panel - Engine oil level indication

  • Main entry door


  • Intake / Exhaust - Condition

  • Cowlings - Condition


  • General condition of wings, flaps, spoilers and ailerons

  • Static discharge wicks

Aft Equipment Compartment

  • Equipment installations - general condition

  • Fire bottle pressures - 600 PSI

  • #1, #2 and Aux. Hyd. System quantity

  • Filter by-pass buttons not popped - (9 Total)

  • Ecology bottles - check quantity - drain as required

  • HF Couplers - check pressures – 1-7 PSI

Rear Fuselage/Empennage ​

  • Oxygen over pressure relief indicator

  • APU inlet, exhaust and generator inlet scoops

  • Vertical/Horizontal stabilizer, rudder and elevators

  • Cargo, emergency exit door - condition


  • External and emergency lights

  • Cockpit lighting

  • Verify hydraulic quantities: Note: Quantity varies according to temp refer to AMM.

  • 1. LEFT > 45% ________

  • 2. AUX > 55% _________

  • 3. RIGHT > 55% _________

Cabin, Galley and Lav ​​

  • Emergency equipment

  • Galley/Lavatory water/Test drain heaters

  • Cabin lighting

  • Aircraft stores

  • Disconnect Main Batteries

  • Flight discrepancies checked and reviewed​​​.


  • Beer needed for restock?

  • Bud Light

  • Coors Light

  • Miller Lite

  • Shiner Bock

  • Heineken

  • Liquor needed for restock?

  • Bicardi Rum

  • Glenlivet Scotch

  • Jack Daniels

  • Vodka

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