• Yo! Sushi Comms Swap

  • Enter Site Name

  • Conducted on

  • Enter Engineer Name

  • Location

Switch Swap

  • Scan in the serial number of the new switch

  • Are you replacing the current switch?

  • Please take a photo of the current switch in place

  • Tie all cables into their groups as per the process and then swap the switches over.

  • Please take a photo of the newly installed switch

Router Installation

  • Scan in the serial number of the new router

  • Take a photo of the router once installed

iPod Testing

  • Are all iPods accepting the new DNS?

  • If not, please follow the process for logging faults

  • Please take a photo of all iPods with the till software loaded

PDQ Testing

  • Have all PDQs tested OK?

  • Please take photos of the test receipts for each PDQ

Public Wi-Fi Test

  • Does the site have public Wi-Fi?

  • If yes please add a screenshot of your device logged into the public Wi-Fi service

Sign Off

  • Engineer Signature

  • Manager Signature

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