Title Page

  • Operators Name

  • Theory Date

  • Practical Evaluation Date/Time

  • Equipment being used for Practical Evaluation

  • Trainer/Evaluator

Pre-Operational Requirements

  • Recognition of appropriate type of overhead crane and equipment?

  • Pre-operation inspection and completes pre-shift inspection properly?

  • Knows how to report deficiencies (problems) in accordance with company guidelines?

  • Wears required personal protective equipment (PPE) to specifically operate this equipment?

Post Start Up

  • Securing, balancing and raising the load?

  • Looking around for obstructions/pedestrians?

  • Proceeding with a load (load never out of sight)?

  • Load in relation to the ground and clearances?

  • Alerting other nearby personnel?

  • Slows down for pedestrians and other equipment?

  • Preparing or blocking for the load (done prior to lifting the load)?

  • Positioning load to be deposited?

  • Setting the load down (secured & balanced)?

  • Positioning there body during raising or lowering (not between load and fixed object)?

  • Removing slings and raising hooks?

  • One movement at a time? (Ex. Never east, down at the same time)

  • Smooth and consistent with controls (mistakes made when pushing buttons)?

Shutting the equipment down

  • Is the load stacked properly and balanced as to not endanger anyone?

  • Is the hook left at least 7 feet off the ground or in an area to avoid someone walking into it?

  • Is the remote stored in an area as to not get damaged when not in use?

  • Evaluator's comments

  • Trainee/Employee Signature

  • Signature of Practical Evaluator

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