• Document: RMIR, Version: 1 , Issue Date: 12/12/22

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by

  • Raw material inspected:

  • Arrival Date

  • Country of origin:

  • Supplier name:

  • Harvest Date:

  • Cut :

  • Variety

  • Supplier/Zenith Trace Code Batch & Field Code

  • The temperature on arrival - MAX - less or equal to 8°C

  • Crate type

  • Please take picture of traceability information

  • Does traceability label include : Supplier name, Country of origin, Date of harvest, batch code, traceability code Grower & Growers Global Gap Number or Red Tractor Number ?


  • Have leaves pale in colour or discolouration being noticed?

  • Has yellowing being noticed?

  • Has bruising being noticed?

  • Have wilted leaves being noticed? <br>

  • Has physical damage being observed?


  • Has excessive wetness being observed?

  • Has breakdown being observed?

  • Has Chill/ Frost Damage being observed?

  • Has disease being observed?

  • Has mould being observed?


  • Is harvest date more than 6 days?


  • Has evident as visual, chemical odour or taint been noticed?

  • Has serious foreign body being found?(Glass, hard/rigid plastic, metal)


  • Has non-serious foreign body being found? (Soft plastic, wood, stones)

  • Have insects: Snails, Greenfly, Slugs, Caterpillar, Larvae forein body being found?

  • Have weeds & Foreign Leaf being found?

  • Has soiling being found?


  • Is aroma acceptable?

  • Is flavour acceptable?

  • Is texture acceptable?

  • Has core/bolting being observed? (if applicable)


  • Crates inspection: Only clean plastic returnable trays. No wood, stapled cardboard or polystyrene outers may be used.

  • Pallets inspection:<br>All pallets in whole sound condition. No wood splinter observed. Pallets should be bound using shrink-wrap or plastic binding straps

  • Vehicle inspection:<br>Vehicle interior free from physical contamination hazards and free from strong odours.

  • Please take picture of the state of pallets and crates

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