• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

GISO Sunrise Meeting

  • Meeting time

  • All functions are represented

  • Open Action Items are review and updated

  • Data Elements are added and discussed

  • Misses are actioned and added to Basecamp

R.A.I.L. (Rolling Action Item List) Review

  • Actions are current

  • Each action has an owner and a date

Pipedrive Check

  • Pipedrive is updated with all open orders

  • Delinquency filter is applied and past due items discussed

  • Actions for past-dues are assigned in Basecamp with dates

Supervisor Standard Work Check

  • Standard Work Card is in his/her possession

  • All checks conducted as specified

  • Gemba Walk Key Element of Supervisor's Checks

  • Notes:

Hour by Hour Performance

  • Expected and Actual output is posted through the current hour

  • Root Causes for over / under achievement documented and understood

  • Notes:

Material Kitting

  • Minimum of two days of Production is staged in the Visual square

  • Kits are complete to include impellers and motors

  • There is only one kit to a square ( no multiples / batching)

  • QA can provide evidence that current day's kits have been inspected

  • Notes:

QA Checks

  • QA can provide evidence of in-process inspections

  • Yellow cards are completed properly in sync with the current operation

  • Work instructions are posted and followed

  • Notes:

Rework Queue

  • Validate the number in queue on the floor with the number in Pipedrive

  • Causes for each rework unit have been identified

  • There is a specific action item owner for each rework unit

  • Notes:

Tested Units

  • Testing queue contains only units for current days production

  • Evidence can be shown that sampling adheres to GBT 2828

  • Number of GISO units tested

  • Number of GISO units failed at test

  • Causes for each failure are identified

  • Untested but suspect products are quarantined as appropriate

  • Notes:

Total Delinquency number

  • Number of Delinquent units

Safety Checks

  • Safety checklist has for the current day is validated

  • Safety actions are up-to-date

  • Lifting procedures

  • Material Handling / Movement

  • Overhead craine usage

  • Slip, Trip and fall hazards to include wet surfaces

  • Sharp Object review

  • Ergonomics

  • Notes, General Observations:

Five S Status

  • Five S Scorecard posted and up-to-date

  • Only required tools, materials, and WIP is in the Cell

  • Only the required paperwork is in the cell

  • Location for all pallets, containers and bins are marked and identified

  • All pallets, containers, bins, and WIP are in the correct locations

  • Tools and fixtures are all within easy reach of the operator

  • Walls, floors, equipment and walkways are clean and clear.

  • Daily cleaning schedule with accountable person posted

  • Notes:

MBF Checks

  • GDP MBF Counter-measure items are current and are proving effective

  • MBF Counter-measures for the Materials Group are current and are proving effective

  • Signature of the GM

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