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Checklist 1

Tank inspection before end plate is installed

  • Check baffle position with drawing 12,000 L tank

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  • Check main hatch cutout

  • 1. Diameter is 510mm

  • 2. 400mm forward of center of tank.

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  • Burner tubes

  • 1. Check 3mm thick tubes are on passenger side of tank.

  • 2. Check 2 mm thick tubes are on driver side of tank and protrude 7mm out of end tank.

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  • Recirculation line. Check capped ends are at front of the tank.

  • Length of the tank is 4150mm

  • Check welds on baffels and seams inside and out for non penetration.Check baffle welds are staggered 150mm evenly round whole baffle.

Checklist 2

End-plate installed to seam cutouts

  • Check vent overflow holes position is 290 rear of center of tank and 105mm diametre and 4 x 50mm square holes.

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  • Dipstick position is center of overall tank length and 125mm diameter.

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  • Inspection hatch position is 430mm from back of tank and 510mm diameter.

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Checklist 3

From seam cutouts to finish of section

  • Check rollover positions is 1265mm from front of tank.

  • Main hatch heights.

  • 1. Ears on hatch to be more than 25mm under top of rollovers and no<br>more than 50mm inside tank.

  • 2.Check anti syphon holes are just under tank shell.

  • Vent and dipstick.

  • 1.Check vent height is 200mm.

  • 2.Check dipstick is level and has compensator on bottom.

  • Walkway.

  • 1. 50mm over back of end of tank and central to seam b

  • 2. Check 50mm x 10mm<br>tabs are ______ from bottom of rollover coaming.

  • Hydraulic tank level with tank and square with front of tank, check nuts welded onto angle.

  • Lifting lugs is 1000mm from either end of tank.

  • Temperature probe is 25mm outside front of tank with 5mm compensator.

  • Burner tube compensator are central in front holes.

  • Temperature probe is 25mm outside front of tank with 5mm compensator.

  • Chek welds on rear end plate, hatches, top seam, rollovers and lifting lugs.

  • Move tank.

Checklist 4

Rear endplate to cutouts

  • Check marking dimensions for rear endplate

  • Chassis check before fitting as per Drawing No

  • Check wells, pump and manifold before welding from end of tank and<br>check they are level.

Checklist 5

After pump & wells installed to welding down of chassis rails to the tank

  • Part 1

  • 1. Check chassis placement with laser before tacking (must be within 1m +/- 30mm fall.

  • 2. Check sump placement before it's welded.

  • 3. Inform of welding procedures. Refer to welding procedure Sheet No. 1.

  • Part 2

  • 1. After tacking, check ribs, chassis and belly plate positions as per Drawing (ie. DAF or Volvo)

  • 2. Check welds and rear of tank after welding in that position for missed or inadequate welds.

  • Part 3

  • 1. Check pivot positions as per Drawing (ie. DAF or Volvo)

  • 2. Get measurements of rear chassis with laser.

  • 3. Check welds on chassis and compensator for missed welds or inadequate welds or

  • 4. Check rubber block mounts for placement and welds.

  • 5. Position of flush line pipe and lugging according to Drawing No.____.

Checklist 6

From chassis rails welded to the tank to finish of section

  • 1. Check vent pipe position is 290mm rear of center of tank and central. Diametre is 105mm.

  • 2. Check rear welds and burner tube welds for missed welds or inadequate welds.

  • 3. Check chimneys, lugging front and rear.

  • A. Chimneys - check they are level and sit flush<br>with end of tank.

  • B. Check lugging to Drawing.

  • Finalise your work by checking following

  • 1. Check pump drain, black box plate, front plate for temperature gauge for<br>current positioning.

  • 2. Check shell cutouts for current positioning.

  • 3. Check tank for cut or marks

  • 4. Send to sandblasting

Checklist 7

From sandblasting to calibration

  • Check pipework is correct and finished.

  • Bolt tensions

  • Check inside tank is clean

  • Check tank fitment to truck

Checklist 8

From calibration to lugging

  • Check leaks. Refer to Leak Repair Sheet No. 1.

  • Check welds on rear mounting plate and front pivot.

  • Check chimneys are fitted correctly once tank is taken of truck.

  • Ready tank for lagging

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