Ship's Certificate Folder

All certificates endorsed and in date?

MLC, DMLC Part I & II and any exemptions correct?

Old or expired certificates removed or marked as "Archived"

Crew Certification

Sample of crew carry original certification?

Fully signed SEAs carried

Official Logbook

Inspections Logged

Statutory Drills Logged

Was Abandon Ship and Fire Drill carried out within 24 hours of sailing after crew change?

Narrative Section completed correctly? (Handover signed, working language entry, countersignatures etc.)

List what is incorrect.

Master's ISM & ISPS Reviews

Both reviewed within the last 12 months

Copy of last 3 years available

Copy of last 3 years Management Reviews available


Does the vessel have a SMPEP?

Is the Piping and Arrangements Manual available?

Is the Coastal States Contact details ANNEXE the latest version?

Is the list of Oil Spill Equipment up to date?

Hours of Rest

Correct versions of Forms in use?

Are entries made in comments section when working outside normal hours i.e Drills, Cargo Runs, Fire-rounds etc?

Hours of Rest sheets signed by Master or Representative?

Garbage Record book

Correct sections filled in

Food waste distance from land >10nm?

Deck Logbook

500m Pre-Entry checks logged

Pages signed off by Master?

6 hourly weather being fully recorded?

500m Pre-Entry and 500m Cargo checklists

Are both forms filled in correctly

Signed by both parties?

Cross referenced with Deck Logbook

Stability Book

Are Stability calculations available at the frequency required by the SMS

Are calculators checked against a known condition at beginning of each voyage as required?

What known condition was last checked and when?

When was last recorded check?

Platform installation Cards

Are up to date cards available for vessels location?


Was the vessel audited against the above within the last 12 months

Have any deficiencies raised been closed out?

Master's Standing Orders

Have Master's Standing orders been reviewed within last 12 months?

Are they clear and precise?

Signed by all Bridge watchkeepers?

Contain references to complying with Company procedures and Environmental Policy?

Master's Handover

Information entered in form as required?

Signed and Dated


Drills being carried out 3 monthly?

ISPS Drills Matrix used to ensure various scenarios from SSP are practiced?

Ship Security Alert System tests being recorded at the required frequency (MCA - 6 monthly, Cayman - 3 monthly)

Internal Audits

Non Conformities closed out by Master and Office

Corrective actions are still effective?

Controlled Drugs

Controlled Drugs handover carried out including forms signed?

Document Control

Old revisions removed from ship's PCs

Old revisions removed from Bulkheads?

Emergency Plans

Up to Date versions posted around vessel

Fire Plan in good condition

Updated Emergency Response Manual available?

Chief Officer

Permit to Work

All relevant sections completed correctly

Handover completed if required

Filled in by ships crew

Contractor copy signed after crew change

Mitigations in place before PtW signed off

Deck Planned Maintenance

All D-Sheets completed and signed

Defects raised on Voyage repair sheets

Management verification carried out at required frequency

Compass Deviation Records

Card on bulkhead readable

Records of deviation in Bridge Management book

Compass Swung within last 2 years

Date last swung

Time since last swung

Fresh Water Tank Maintenance Record book

Regular Tank sampling carried out

Test results recieved

Shower heads de-scaled and Chlorinated

Dry-Dock inspections logged for each tank

Wire Certificate folder

Deck Equipment listed

Engineroom Equipment Listed

Initial certification available

Annual inspections recorded

Towing Manual

Equipment Locations completed

Three separate copies available

Cargo Securing Manual

Approved copy available

Routine Lifting Plans

Completed for all routine lifts carried out on board?

Evidence of use during Toolbox Talks (Ask deck crew this question)

Working at Height Rescue plans

Completed for any Working at Height by crew, Contractors or Shoreside Staff

Oil Spill sampling Kits

Are Briggs Marine oil Sampling kits on board and properly stocked?

Cargo Paperwork

Cargo Logs and Manifests maintained

Completed Wet Bulk Transfer Checklists

2nd Mate

Passage Plans

Company versions in use

12 months avaiilable

All sections completed

Pilot Card completed unless exemption

Aldis Lamp

Batteries charged and records maintained

Latest test date recorded

1 minute charge test o.k

Emergency Steering

Instructions for change-over posted

Drills being carried out and recorded at required frequency

Official Logbook entries correct

O.O.Ws familiar with changeover

Bridge Management book

All carried charts have correction page

Random Sample of corrections

Master's Signature

Ts & Ps correctly applied front and back

Sailing directions (NP54 & NP55) corrected in Red

Radar Performance Log completed

Azimuths/Transits/Amplitudes carried out at least weekly.

Daughter Craft Nav-Pack

DC Charts corrected

Records of those corrections maintained

Nav Pack tools and Equipment available

Safety Officer

Safety Officers Record book

Handover signed by off-going and joining S.O

All sections maintained and up to date

Safety Meeting Reports with feedback

Safety Inspections carried out

Inspection Defects rectified or reported

Schedule of Drills matches Official Logbook

Drill Frequency being adhered to

Crew Inductions

All crew have valid Induction Forms

Bridge and Engine room Familiarisations carried out

DP Familiarisation carried out if required

Client specific Induction if required (Shell)

Risk Assessments

Generics in program updated

Suitable number of TSRA for vessel type

Printed TSRAs are within review date

Maximum review 12 months

Risk Assessment database backed up recently

Toolbox Talks

Being recorded for Risk Assessed tasks

Evidence being used correctly by both crews

Hazardous Chemical Logbook

Entries being made by both crews

Cross Reference with Toolbox Talks

Drill Debriefs

Electronically signed forms renamed correctly

Both crews forms available

Filled in correctly with 'Actions Required'

Unsafe Act / Unsafe Condition Reports

Frequent and regular reports submitted

Both crews submitting regularly

COSHH Manual

COSHH Assessments at point of storage

COSHH Folders available (Hard Copy and PC)

Radio Station

Radio Licence in date?

Vessel Callsign clearly displayed

Annual Radio Survey Report in date and showing correct equipment

LRIT Conformance Test Certificate for equipment

GMDSS Logbook

EPIRB & SART checks carried out and recorded at required frequency

Competent Person details completed

Emergency Designated Person identified

Entries initialled/signed by Master

GMDSS 'Operating Instructions for Master's of Ships in Distress'

posted within sight of equipment

In good condition, not faded/torn

DSC Guidance Posters

On display near to equipment

Covers the types of equipment fitted

Shore based Maintenance Agreement

In Date

Details entered in GMDSS Logbook (Cayman Islands)

Radio Equipment

All equipment functional

Instruction Manuals available

Chief Engineer

Engine room Log Book

All pages signed by Chief engineer

All Maintenance carried out and recorded

Critical Equipment

All Critical Equipment detailed on the correct Company form

All Maintenance recorded in Critical Equipment Maintenance Record Book

Individual Sections in CEMRB match Company form

List of Essential Spares

Comprehensive list available

Means of Controlling stock

Pre Arrival/Pre Departure Checklists

Relevant to the vessel and equipment

Reviewed within last 12 months

Records retained for 6 months

Chief Engineer's Standing Orders

Clear and precise instructions for watchkeepers

Signed by all watchkeepers

Reviewed within last 12 months

Bunkering & Discharge

Bunker Plan completed fully

Latest version in use (Rev 8)

Signed by Master & Chief Engineer

Waste Oil Discharge Checklist in use

Retained for 12 months

Oil Record Book

No Blank lines between entries

Codes are being used correctly (MEPC 736-2)

Weekly inventory of Oil residues (Sludge)

Completed pages signed off by Master

Oil Sample Records

Reports filed

Sampling frequency followed and tracked

Any issues raised in analysis are actioned

Unmanned Machinery Spaces (UMS)

Does the vessel operate in UMS mode

Testing of UMS alarms recorded?

UMS Alarms investigated after activation?

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTTO)

Does the vessel have a LOTO Kit

Do any active Permits to Work require LOTO

Are Tag Out Lock Out devices fitted as required by PtW

Voyage Defect Reports

Filled in fully, including and DPM items

Reports closed out and signed by all parties.

Night Order Book

Is the Night Order Book in use as required?

Signed by waatchkeepers

Oxyacetylene/Welding/Burning Equipment

Does the vessel have the above equipment

Oxyacetylene Procedures Exhibit posted

Welding Burning Checklists is use?

Auto Mask & Respiratory Protective Equipment available and in good condition

Cook / Galley

Catering Log Book

Clean and Organised

12 Months of records available

Obsolete paperwork removed

Equipment Tempratures recorded

Food Temperatures recorded

Cleaning Schedule completed

Food Temperature Probe calibrated and record of this maintained

Fridges and Freezers

Raw food at bottom of fridge or below cooked/fresh food

Thermometer in each Fridge and Freezer

Seals are clean, mould free and in good condition

Clean & Tidy

Food is covered

Galley Areas

Clean and Tidy

Underneath units is clean

Deep Fat Fryers have been recently cleaned

Food Waste Bin covered

Macerator working properly

Food out on counters is covered.

Colour Coded Chopping Boards

Colour Coded Boards are available

Colour Code poster displayed

Hygiene Facilities

Saop available for cook to wash hands

Sink available for cook to wash hands is in or in vicinity of Galley

Dry Stores

Stock rotation in evidence by spot checking several items. All ok?

Clean & Tidy?

Bulk Stores in tubs are marked with UB/BBD date

Lids fitted correctly

Walk-In Chillers & Cold Rooms

Old fruit and veg removed

Is there a build up of ice around compressor

Clean & Tidy?

ISPS Checklist

Access to Vessel

Are visitors being stopped and checked at gangway

Are Gangway signs displayed

Is an I.D check carried out

Correct % of searches carried out

Are visitors escorted to Bridge

Safety Brief carried out

Restricted Areas

Are all restricted areas marked

Are locking arrangements in good condition

Is the CO2 room secured

Are restricted areas marked on the GA Plan in SSP

Padlocks available to fit locking arrangements


Have all crew received Security training

Do all crew hold qualifications commensurate with their Rank

How are new crew trained

How often are Security Drills held

Are they being recorded in SSP and Official Logbook

Is the ISPS Drill Matrix in use

Ship Security Alert System

Ship Security Alert system tested and reply received from CSO/Deputy CSO

ISPS Documentation

Does the vessel have a current ISPS Certificate

All Continuous Synopsis reports available from 1 - x

Plan approval letter from Flag State available

Sample Questions for Crew (Ask 4 or 5 per crewmember)

Crew Member Asked

Who is the Company Security Officer

How do you Contact him

Who is the Ship Security Officer

Who has Security Duties on board

Where is this documented

Who can access the Ship Security Plan

Who sets the Security level On Board

How would a change in this level be passed on the the crew

How is the sensitive information identified in the Ship Security Plan identified

Vessel Walkround

Life Saving Equipment
Portside equipment

SART Exp date

Smoke and Light Float Exp date

Is the above Perrybuoy marked as ≥4kg

Perrybuoy with Light Exp date

Life Rafts

Next Service Date

Hydrostatic Release next replacement due

Is Hydrostatic Release device fitted correctly

Is Boarding sign posted

Is it legible

Starboard Side Equipment

SART Exp date

Smoke and Light Float Exp date

Is the above Perrybuoy marked as ≥4kg

Perrybuoy with Light Exp date

Life Rafts

Next Service Date

Hydrostatic Release next replacement due

Is Hydrostatic Release device fitted correctly

Is Boarding Signage posted

Is it legible


EPIRB Exp date

EPIRB Hydrostatic release Exp Date


ALDIS Lamp battery charged

ALDIS Lamp lenses available

Storm Shutter bolts protected from corrosion

Sign at Monkey Island steps regarding permission to climb


Is there evidence an anchor was cleared away for entering port

Mooring ropes transferred to Bitts after vessel secure alongside (Unless Rope drums fitted)

Stoppers fitted to forward Bitts

Perrybuoys in good condition

Perrybuoy ropes in good condition (check inside core for dust)

Decks and steps adequately gritted

Steps highlighted correctly

Trip hazards clearly marked

Two Fire boxes checked, contents in good condition

Two fire Hydrants checked (Seals in good condition, hand tightened, caps fitted)

Weathertight doors in good condition

Weathertight door seals and lips in good condition

Weathertight Doors greased and excess cleaned off

Engine Room

Clean & Tidy

Metal Bin available for oily waste

Pillar Drill and Bench Grinder

Hand Clamp available for Pillar Drill

Guards fitted

PPE Available in vicinity

Do grinder wheels show evidence of use with soft metal (build up of metal on face or sides)

Emergency Escape Breathing Devices

Needle is in green on indicator

Instructions posted match the type

1st Aid kit spot check, complete and in date

Eyewash bottles sealed and in date

Drip Trays used for leaks on Main Engines

Rags covering leaks on Engines

Deck Plates fixed down

Ear-plugs available at entrance points

Fire Extinguishers serviced within last 12 months

Latest revision of SMSS notices on display

Rubber mats under main switchboards

Oily Water Separator overboard locked and signage posted


Clean & Tidy

Eyewash bottles in date and unopened

Latest versions of Policies around vessel

Bunk Cards completed in all cabins

PPE signage at exit points

COSHH Assessments at point of storage

Treatment Area

Treatment room doors locked

All areas Clean & Tidy

Suction charged and ready to use

Triage flowcharts posted

Bedward ready for survivors

Hooks available for fluid giving sets

VHF/MF sets tested and working


1st Aid kit stocked and in date

MLC Report on noticeboard

Microwave clean inside

Muster Lists posted

HACCP poster on display

Wet-Chemical extinguisher if fitted over deep-fat fryer is in date and service records available

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.