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1.0 Previous Audit

  • 1.1 Are the 1S and 2S still valid? Have remarks made during the 2S audit been addressed and resolved?

2.0 Parts and Consumables

  • 2.1 Are the parts and lubricants kept clean without contaminant? (e.g. no chips in grease, oil, etc.)

3.0 Workstation/Working Area

  • 3.1 Is the work area clean and clear?

  • 3.2 Are machines clean and in good condition?

  • 3.3 Are all conveyors/pipes/belts/cables/barriers clean and in good condition?

  • 3.4 Do all tools/machines comply with regulation audits (e.g. calibration control labels up to date?)

  • 3.5 Is the work area cleaned up after each shift?

  • 3.6 Is the storage area clean? (e.g. shelves, plastic tubs?)

  • 3.7 Are there any leaks (e.g. air, water, oil, etc.)

  • 3.8 Have root causes of contamination/fouling been found? Have they been tagged? Have they been solved?

  • 3.9 Are parts/raw materials/lubricants kept clean? Are they changed regularly?

  • 3.10 Are cleaning tools available? Accessible? In good condition?

4.0 Handling Area

  • 4.1 Is the handling area clean? (e.g. driveways, parking carts, lines, etc)

  • 4.2 Is the part handling equipment adequate and in good working condition?

  • 4.3 Are the floors clean and free of oil? (e.g. dirt, chips, dust, debris, paper, ect.)

  • 4.4 Does each tool have an identified place? (e.g. shadow boards, pictures, etc.)

  • 4.5 Do lamps/neon/air conditioning work? Are they clean?

  • General Notes/Observations

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