Type of protection or protective device

  • Hazardous area with no necessary access during the operation of the machine

  • All hazardous areas are protected by a fixed guard, an interlocking protection device or a sensor (light curtain).

  • Hazardous area that requires access during machine operation

  • All hazardous areas are protected by a guard with an interlock switch, a motion detector or a specific controls (eg two-hand control).

Characteristics of fixed guards (if present)

  • Each guard is held in place permanently or can be removed only with a special tool.

Operation of guards with interlock switch (if present)

  • The machine stops when any guard is opened or removed.

  • Interlocked guards meant to maintain access in the closed position are functioning properly.

  • The machine does not restart when a removed guard is put back in place (machine reset is required).

Operation of motion sensors and light curtains (if present)

  • The machine stops before the worker has time to enter the danger zone.

  • The machine does not restart when the worker has exited the area covered by the motion sensor or light curtain (Machine reset is required).

Operation of specific controls (if present)

  • The machine only operates if the specific control mode is used. (example; two hand control)

  • Each control is sufficiently far away from the danger zone that no part of the operator's body is exposed to danger.

Emergency stops

  • The number of emergency stops is sufficient enough so that one is always accessible from any working position.

  • Each emergency stop can be activated in one operation.

  • The activation of each emergency stop causes the machine to stop.

  • Reactivating an emergency stop does not cause the machine to restart (machine reset is required).

Stickers, warning labels, and other information or instructions

  • The information is present and legible

Lockout Tagout procedure

  • The zero energy state lockout tagout procedure is present

  • Authorization to commission the machine?

  • An M8 notification must be created for each nonconformity to be corrected

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