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Health and Safety

  • Do all processes have a current up to date detailed risk assessment available for inspection

  • Have the emergency stops been tested and has this been recorded ?

  • Is the the processing equipment in a good state of repair

  • Is manual handling an issue for operators?

  • Is the extraction in a good working condition and is it operating as it should do?

  • Are all chemicals handled and stored in the correct manner and location?

  • Is the correct PPE being worn by operators as stated on the process instruction / SOP.

Workplace organisation

  • Is the boundary of each work station clearly defined with floor markings, sign boards ?

  • Areas are defined by colour code I.e. Walk ways, stock locations, work areas, fork lift truck paths?

  • Inventory, tools & equipment is clearly defined I.e. Clear labelling?

  • Locations for tools, cleaning equipment, lubricants, trollys, FLT's are clear shadow boards and floor markings are used?

  • Evidence of inventory control can be seen I.e. Kanban cards, minimum / maximum, first in / first out?

  • There is a numbered system for reporting problems, hazards and maintenance requests and feedback is given within 10 days?

  • Desks, workstations, cupboards and lockers are free of unnecessary paper work & cables?

  • Andon lights are located on key pieces of equipment?

  • There is a mechanism for capturing improvement ideas and implementing / actioning ideas?

  • An improvement board exists in the work areas & a format has been agreed to cover Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale?

  • There is evidence of production control I.e. Production management boards.

  • Workers are kept aware of performance to schedule

  • A 5s audit procedure has been agreed I.e. Format and frequency.

  • Documentation is easy to locate?

  • Customer & Company information is displayed?<br>

  • Meeting areas are provided & daily meetings are held?

  • Evidence of regular housekeeping exists and is up to date?

Standard Operating Procedures & Skills Matrix

  • SOPs are displayed in the relevant work areas?

  • SOPs detail process steps, quality, safety issues and include photos ?

  • Work is done according to SOPs?

  • SOPs are used as a tool for continuous improvement?

  • Skills matrixes exist and are regularly updated?

  • Job detail sheets, standard work combination tables are used?

Quality Control

  • Procedures exist for quarantining of reject, rework & scrap?

  • Quality sample boards showing good & bad products exist?

  • Poca yoke (mistake proofing) devices are in evidence?

  • Visual set up indicators are used on all dials and gauges?

  • NRFT results are displayed in the work area?

Maintenance of equipment

  • Maintenance checklists exist and are followed, used and updated.

  • Breakdown, trouble logs exist and are posted in the work area / near the machine?

  • OEE is used this measure performance and results are displayed at the workplace?

  • Daily maintenance is conducted I.e. Lubrication, cleaning, cooling and filter checks are carried out by operators ?

  • Preventative maintenance is completed and records are up to date?

  • Evidence of equipment transparency exists I.e. Transparent gaurding?

Continuous improvement

  • Regular 5s audits are carried out ?

  • Quality, Cost, Delivery, Housekeeping, Safety & Manpower information is easy to read and is up to date?

  • Management deliver team briefs to update operators of business performance?

  • Evidence exists of high levels of continuous improvement? Before and after pictures are displayed?

  • Evidence exists of high levels of continuous improvement?

  • Operational KPIs are displayed in the workplace and are regularly updated?

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