• FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT - Are work benches, carts, machines, equipment, cabinets, tool boxes, shelves, jigs, structures or areas which collect clutter free of unnecessary items, foot printed, and labeled?

  • SAFETY CONTROLS & PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT - Are all safety gloves, arm guards, safety glasses, ear plugs, aprons, etc. in area necessary (clutter)?

  • FLOOR & WALK ISLES - Are floors, walkways, emergency exits, electrical panels, workstations, and hazardous materials free of unnecessary hardware, parts, paper, cardboard, metal, pens, debris, trash, etc. and clearly marked?

  • TOOLS, FIXTURES, GAUGES, HAND TOOLS - Are only necessary tools, current instructions, inspection forms, and visual aids needed to perform workstation jobs (tools, fixtures, gauges, air wrenches, hand tools) located in the area?

  • PARTS - Are only necessary parts and part containers such as color totes, wire baskets, returnable parts or containers located in the area?

  • PERSONAL ITEMS - Have all personal items such as (lunch boxes, coats, sweat shirts, newspapers, food, magazines) been removed from the work area?

  • CLEANING EQUIPMENT - Are rags, mops, mop buckets, brooms, dust pans, cleaning solutions, etc. labeled, foot printed and in the designated location?

  • TOOL BOARDS - Are all tools etc. in the designated location on the tool boards and and all tools & tool boards clean?

  • OCCASIONAL TOOL USE STORAGE - Are all items on racks, benches, carts, jigs, floors, etc. in off-line storage areas clean and in their designated locations?

  • INVENTORY STORAGE AREAS SUCH AS STAGING AREAS, MATERIAL HOLDING AREAS, AND QUALITY DEFECT HOLDING AREAS - Are inventory storage areas such as staging areas, material holding areas and warranty holding areas/items clean and in their designated location?

  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSPECTION - Is extinguisher visible, unobstructed, and in designated location? Is locking pin intact w/ unbroken tamper seal? Is there any damage/corrosion? Is the pressure gauge indicator in the operable range? Is the extinguisher still full (when lifted)? Are the operating instructions on the nameplate legible and facing outward? Has the extinguisher been serviced in the last 12 months? (check service date on tag)


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