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  • Conducted on

  • Tenancy name


  • Facade free of any observable risks to public safety, e.g. sharp edges or loose panels etc ?

  • Signage appears secure etc. ?


  • Flooring free of trip hazards e.g. slab cracks or loose carpet etc. (particularly where tenancy meets common mall)?

  • Stock not obstructing ingress or egress?


  • Walls free of observable defects (ie. Non-cosmetic cracking to plasterboard lining or render).


  • Light levels within the tenancy appears to be sufficient for safe movement of staff and customers?

  • Light globes / fittings are free from excessive dust build up?

Sprinkler Heads

  • Sprinkler head deflector plates are not obstructed?

  • Sprinkler heads are unpainted and undamaged?

  • Stock is not too close to sprinkler heads (min. 50cm clearance needed)?

Fire Extinguisher and / or Fire Blankets

  • Extinguisher / blanket not obstructed by stock?

  • Fire extinguisher tag current (within last six months - record date)

  • Fire extinguisher test and tag date

  • Fire blanket tag current (tested annually)(Cooking tenants)

  • Fire blanket tag and test date

  • Current emergency evacuation plan displayed

  • Functional EWIS system inside tenancy. (Majors only).

Exit lighting

  • Emergency Exit lights are illuminated

  • Emergency Exit lights are not damaged.

Cold Rooms (EPS)

  • Cold rooms walls (EPS) free from punctures e.g. where core is exposed?


  • Electrical leads are in good condition and are not in a hazardous location

  • Power points are not overloaded

  • No use of double adapters (NOTE: This can not be used)

  • Electrical equipment is tagged and tested (record date).

  • Tag and Test date

  • Switchboard is free from obstruction e.g. stock or other combustible materials?

  • Photo of Electrical Distribution Board

  • Photo of Labels inside Distribution Board


  • MSDS's are complete and within date (no more then 5years old).

  • Chemical register (list) available

  • Spill kit available.


  • Stock is not obstructing fire egress pathway

  • Storage items are not causing trip hazard

  • General house keeping is up to standard

Compactor training

  • Tenant has completed compactor training


  • Asbestos in tenancy maintained as appropriate


  • unauthorised use of gas bottles (e.g. LPG)

  • Inappropriate gas bottle storage?

  • SDS's complete and not out of date?

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