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Environmental Awareness

  • Did FSE perform a Job Safety Analysis or Job Hazard Analysis before starting job?

  • Did FSE maintain a clean working environment throughout the job?

  • Did FSE restrict access to site using cones / barriers / caution tape?

  • Does FSE know location of nearest fire extinguisher?

  • Does FSE know location of nearest building exit?

  • Does FSE know location of muster point in the event of evacuation?

  • Does FSE know location of muster point in the event of inclement weather?


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Did FSE remove all jewelry and other exposed metal prior to starting electrical work?

  • Did FSE bring and wear safety glasses?

  • Did FSE wear cotton uniform?

  • Did FSE bring Cat 2 AND Cat 4 arc flash gear?

  • Did FSE inspect arc flash gear prior to use?

  • Did FSE bring and inspect leather gloves?

  • Did FSE bring and air test electrically rated rubber gloves?

  • Were electrically rated rubber gloves tested in the last 6 months?

  • Did FSE wear full leather work boots?

  • Did FSE use hearing protection when required?

  • Was any additional PPE required to complete this job? (Chemical face shield, chemically rated gloves, fall protection, snake chaps, etc.)

Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

  • Does FSE have insulated tools available?

  • Are insulated tools segregated from other tools?

  • Are insulated tools in good working condition?

  • Were tools inspected prior to use?

  • Is test / measurement equipment in good working order and calibrated?

  • Was test equipment inspected and tested prior to use?



  • Did FSE use knee pads / mats if in a kneeling position for more than 5 minutes?

  • Was it necessary for FSE to use forceful exertion?

  • Was work above shoulder height necessary for an extended period?

  • Was FSE working in an awkward position for an extended period of time?

  • Did FSE lift and place following proper back safety procedures?

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures. (Were the following company policies followed if used?)

  • Lockout / Tagout?

  • Fall Protection?

  • Proper Ladder Safety?

  • Chemical / Material Safety?

  • Work Hours?



  • Is FSE current on all safety training?

Overall Assessment

Overall Assessment

  • Are there any dissatisfactions or frustrations that may have affected the successful completion of this job?

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