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SAFETY: Safety Observation Tour (SOT) / Employee feedback

  • Where do you think the next injury will occur in your area?

  • Do you have any ideas on how to improve the safety program at ABB?

  • Do you know where to find and how to complete a hazard / near miss form?

  • Has there been a time when you felt pressure to work in an unsafe manner?


SORT: Distinguish between the needed and the not needed

  • Only needed equipment and tools are present in the work area?

  • Only needed inventory, supplies, parts, and materials are present in the work area?

  • Personal belongings are stored in designated locations, and only approved drink containers are in use?

SET IN ORDER: Organized for ease of use and things put away

  • Tools, equipment, and tooling is located at or near the point of use?

  • Labels, signs, foam cutouts, shadow boards, and/or lines are present to indicate where items are to be located?

SHINE: Sweeping, scrubbing, cleaning, and keeping things that way

  • All floors, equipment, walls, ladders, and surfaces appear clean?

  • Trash receptacles are in in designated locations and not overflowing?

  • Are there any other cleaning problems present?

STANDARDIZE: Implementing standard procedures and visual controls

  • All taped lines, labels, and signs are maintained and in good condition?

  • There are no out of date, torn, or obsolete documents displayed in the area?

SUSTAIN: Establishing the discipline to consistently sustain 6s standards

  • Is the 6S work being performed?

  • Is the previous month's audit posted on the zone communication board?

  • Are all action items from previous month's audit addressed and closed?

Additional opportunities for improvement

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