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The Location

  • Is the area Suitable for all activities? Please note those which may not be suitable.

  • Is the area suitable for activities during the evening? If yes please state why.

  • Does the area pose any risks to coaches delivering activities? If yes, please state what they are, how these issues have been addressed and the outcome.


  • Can anyone be injured due to hazards associated with the delivery of sport and physical activity in the location?

  • Have people been inducted into the safe delivery of sport and physical activity?

Slips, Trips, Falls

  • Can anyone be injured by Slips, Trips or Falls in the designated area?

  • Can anyone be injured by slips, trips or falls outside the designated area, within reasonable distance?

Acess and Egress

  • Are all emgerency and disabled exits clear and free of obstruction?

  • Are there appropriate emergency access points to the location? And are all staff aware of them?

  • Is the location with reasonable distance from nearest vehicle parking space in relation to moving equipment?


  • Are noise levels related to the activities (including bump in and out) excessive?


  • Can anyone's hair, clothing or other materials become entangled with any equipment, apparatus or part of the facility?


  • Can anyone be crushed due to: Falling Materials?

  • Normal or unexpected movement of the facility?

Cut, Stab or Puncture

  • Due to becoming in contact with sharps or flying objects?

  • Due to coming in contact with moving parts of the location?


  • Can anybody be burnt due to contact with moving parts or surfaces of the location?

Strike Impact

  • Can anyone be struck by moving objects due to uncontrolled or unexpected or uncontrolled movement of equipment or area?


  • Can none be injured due to poorly designed seating, repetitive movement, poor lighting, poor lighting, poor body posture and the need for excessive effort?

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