Teaches missed skills

Uses prompts

Correct prompt hierarchy

Fades prompts

Provides enough trials

Uses the correct reinforcement ratio

Ratio used:

Ratio recommended

Collected data

Collected correct data on probe

Collected correct data on prompted trial

Used data to decide next trial

Data Collection

Whole interval recording

Partial interval recording


Expands play patterns

Conditions new activities

Starts with low demands

Follows child's motivation

Pairs with other preferred activities

Does not give up because of child's lack of interest

Creates teachable moments

Group Skills

Served as Lead

With clients:

Understands program

SDs match each client

Provides group reinforcement

Provides individual reinforcement

Reinforcement ratio is appropriate

With staff:

Gave support staff instructions

Asked support staff to give feedback or provide prompts

Served as support

Listened to leads instructions

Asked how can support lead

Avoids presenting the SDs

Problem Solving

Adjusts when a teaching strategy doesn't work

Can identify function of new behavior

Puts reactive strategies in place

Brings new behavior to BCBAs attention

Provides potential solutions

Client Programming

For the following 2 questions, asses at least 2 programs

Can explain programs on client's program board

Understands purpose of programs

Assists with assessment

Probes skills

Provides general reinforcement (not specific to response)

Records data in moment

Records data correctly

Identifies that probes were conducted in notes


Writes notes

Clear and concise

Cover all important content of session


Stays on topic during session

Accepts feedback appropriately

Listens to supervisor feedback

Asks questions

Seeks support

Adjusts behavior after feedback

If received feedback previously, has made changes to improve


We have reviewed the results of the assessment.

Assessed Staff:
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