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Control of Noise

  • Control of Noise

    Overview This talk will cover: hazards, controlling noise and ear protection.


    1 Some of the following things used on site can be harmful to your hearing: compressors, breakers, circular saws, concrete mixes, chainsaws, generators, vibrating rollers and excavators.
    2 Even if you are not using the noisy piece of equipment, you could be affected by someone using it close by.
    3 Look out for noise hazard signs on site and obey them.
    4 It’s not only on site that you have to remember to protect your hearing but after work also – noisy clubs, hi-fis, etc.

    Controlling noise

    1 Use a less noisy process if possible.
    2 If shouting is necessary in order to be heard, the noise level is high and you should wear ear protectors.
    3 Keep compressor covers closed when in use.
    4 Ensure breaker mufflers are correctly fitted.

    5 Don’t keep machinery running unnecessarily.
    6 Ensure you don’t expose your workmates to your noise.
    7 Move the noise source away from the work area or move the work area away from the noise.
    8 If possible, shield noise process. Work behind a wall or some other sound-absorbing material.

    Ear protection

    1 Don’t use cotton wool for ear protection, it is not effective.
    2 Ensure ear plugs are a good fit and correctly inserted.
    3 Regularly clean reusable ear plugs.
    4 Use disposable ear plugs once only.
    5 Clean your hands before touching all types of ear plugs.

    6 Ear defenders should fit the head all round the seal.
    7 Ensure that ear defenders are worn the correct way round.
    8 Ensure defender seals are always in a serviceable condition.
    9 Don’t alter pressure of ear defenders by bending the head band.
    10 If you have difficulty in wearing ear defenders, report it.

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