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First Aid

  • First Aid

    Overview This talk will cover: before first aid, when first aid is required and basic first aid.

    Before first aid is required

    1 Ensure you know where the first-aid kit is kept.
    2 Know who the first-aider and appointed persons are.
    3 You must have a small travelling first-aid kit if you are working in a small group away from the main site or if you use potentially dangerous tools or machinery.
    4 Know where the phone is and understand the procedure for calling the emergency services.

    When first aid is required

    1 Remove the hazard from the casualty if safe to do so.
    2 Call for help, e.g. first-aider.
    3 Send someone to phone for an ambulance if necessary.
    4 Don’t move the casualty, unless in immediate danger.

    5 Remain with the casualty and give reassurance.
    6 Make the casualty as comfortable as possible.
    7 Don’t give drinks or good to casualty, moisten lips only.
    8 Don’t allow the casualty to smoke.

    Basic first aid may save a life

    1 Do you know how to resuscitate and start the heart?
    2 Do you know how to stop major bleeding?
    3 Do you know how to treat scolds, burns and shock?
    • If you don’t, you need to think about first-aid training.

    Other considerations

    1 First-aid cover must include shift work.
    2 Someone must have responsibility for restocking first-aid boxes.
    3 The first-aid equipment provided must be appropriate for the nature of the work and the number of operatives.
    4 First-aiders should be easy to identify – usually a sticker on the safety helmet.

    Note to supervisor: Now inform your workforce of the company provision for first-aiders and first-aid kits, actions to be taken in the event of an emergency and the location of the emergency telephone.

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