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The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

    Overview This talk will cover: legal responsibilities and penalties under the Act.

    Scope to the Health and Safety at Work Act

    1 Everyone in the construction industry has legal duties under the Act.
    2 Everyone in the construction industry is protected by the Act.
    3 The Act allows Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors to visit sites and take enforcement action if work areas and activities are not safe.

    General provisions of the Act

    1 Under the Act, your employer has a legal duty to provide:
    • safe plant and equipment, and safe methods of work.
    • safe use of work articles and substances.
    • information, instruction, training and supervision.
    • a safe of work with safe access and egress.
    2 Under the Act, you as an employee have legal duties to:
    • safeguard your own safety and health and that of others who may be affected by your actions.
    • co-operate with the employer to help them comply with their legal duties.
    • not interfere with anything provided for health and safety.


    1 Breaches of the Act are criminal offences which may be punished by fines, prison or both.
    2 Individuals, as well as companies, can be charged for breaches of the Act.


    1 The powers of HSE inspectors include:
    • entering places of work (including construction sites) at any time and without notice – if necessary, with the help of the police.
    • carrying out investigations and prosecuting their own cases in court.
    • insisting that the scene of an accident remains undisturbed.
    • issuing Improvement and Prohibition Notices.
    • taking statements and removing records and documents.

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