Emergency & Fire

Emergency & Fire

  • Are emergency phone numbers posted?

  • Is the Emergency Evacuation route posted?

  • Employees know where to gather in case of evacuation?

  • Are EXIT signs illuminated and visible?

  • All exits and paths are free of obstacles?

  • Employees know how and where to get care for injury/illness?

  • First Aid kits are stocked (bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn cream)?

  • Signs are present for fire extinguishers?

  • Fire extinguishers are mounted, readily accessible and not blocked?

  • Fire extinguishers inspected monthly?

  • Proper clearance of 18" is maintained below sprinkler heads?

General Work Environment

General Work Environment

  • Are all work areas clean and orderly?

  • Are work surfaces kept dry and appropriate means take to assure surfaces are slip resistant?

  • Are all work areas and walkways adequately illuminated?

  • Is the ventilation system adequate?

  • Is the ambien temperature adequate? Not too hot or cold.

  • Are restrooms kept clean and sanitary?

Walking Working Surfaces

Walking Working Surfaces

  • Is carpet or tile flooring secured, will not cause a trip hazard?

  • Are aisles and passageways kept clear and marked as appropriate?

  • Are wet surfaces covered with non-slip materials?

  • Are holes in the floor, sidewalk, or other walking surface repaired properly, covered or otherwise made safe?

  • Are floor openings guarded by a cover, a guardrail or equivalent on all sides (except stairways or ladder entrances)?

  • Are materials or equipment stored in such a way that sharp projections will not interfere with the walkway?

  • Are standard guardrails provided wherever aisle or walkway surfaces are elevated 4 feet or more above any adjacent floor or the ground?


  • Do all stairways with at least four risers have standard stair rails or handrails?

  • Are all stairways at least 22 inches wide?

  • Are step risers uniform from top to bottom?

  • Are steps slip resistant?



  • Are all plugs, cords free from splices and insulation, in good condition?

  • Do all extension cords have grounding conductors?

  • Are extension cords or power strips used only temporarily? No daisy chaining?

  • Are cords secured so they do not run across pathways, under doors or walls?

  • Is the breaker panel accessible with 3 feet of clearance in front?

  • Are breaker panels labeled, identifying the function of each switch?

  • Are all unused openings, including conduit knockouts in electrical enclosures and fittings closed with appropriate covers, plugs, or plates?

  • Are electrical enclosures, such as switches, receptacles, junction boxes, etc. provided with tight-fitting covers or plates?

  • Are GFCIs available for use in wet areas?

Copiers, Equipment

Shared Copiers, Printers, & Equipment

  • Are shared equipment such as copiers or printers in good condition?

  • Are tools, such as cutting board blades in good working order? Stored in the down/closed position when not in use?

Material Handling & Storage

Material Handling & Storage

  • Are materials stored to prevent falls and spills?

  • Are storage containers labeled with contents?

  • Are racking/shelving systems in good working order and not damaged in any way that could affect the structural integrity?

  • Are storage racks secure from movement/shifting?

Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

  • Do shared spaces (conference rooms, meeting rooms, break rooms, etc.) have clean supplies available for use?

  • Are these areas cleaned after use by the employees who used the shared space?

  • Do shared spaces have chairs spaced 6ft. apart to maintain physical distancing or barriers in place to separate each person?

  • Does everyone wear proper face coverings when 6 feet of separation cannot be maintained?

  • Is hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, cleaning spray, etc. available in common spaces?

  • Do restrooms have physical distancing measures in place such as utilizing every other sink or urinal, etc.?

  • Are shared tools adequately cleaned between uses?

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