Physical Security

Physical Security

  • Does the facility have perimeter fencing or walls on all sides of a height at least 6 ft.?

  • Are there any entrances to the site where non-badged entrants can gain access to the site without passing through security?

  • Does the facility segregate and mark hazardous or dangerous cargo in a safe, caged or otherwise fenced-in area?

  • Does the facility have a documented preventative maintenance system to keep security-related equipment in good working order?

  • Does the facility have manned gatehouses at all external main access points?

  • Is parking at the facility authorized at the gate by pass, badge, or decal system?

  • Is parking for private vehicles (employees, visitors, vendors, contractors, etc.) restricted to designated areas separate from cargo staging areas and loading docks?

  • Is there a separate loading dock and parking area for trucks and delivery vans?

  • Is there a secure area for truck and delivery van drivers to wait while cargo is loaded and unloaded?

  • Do security personnel perform scheduled security patrols?

  • Is there 24 hour security presence at the site?

  • Does the facility have a designated employee or security office to supervise the introduction and removal of cargo to include review of manifests for verification?

  • Are there sufficient security cameras to cover all entry and exit locations?

  • Does Security have the ability to review security video more than 48 hours old?

  • Does the video surveillance system cover the loading and unloading of cargo?

  • Is there sufficient lighting around the site to allow guards to see activity?

  • Are there any proximity alarms around the site?

Physical Access and Control

Physical Access and Control

  • Does the company have a documented procedure defining access controls?

  • Are employees required to present identification upon entering the facility?

  • Does the facility have written procedures to control the issuance of keys and are the keys recovered and/or locks changed when employees leave employment?

  • Does the company utilize an effective employee ID system to control access? Are employees restricted from sensitive areas based on clearance status?

  • Does the company have a documented procedure defining controls for visitor access to the facility?

  • Are the gate and turnstile badging systems operational?

  • Does the company maintain a log of all visitors entering the facility?

  • Does the company have written procedures for challenging unauthorized and/or unidentified persons attempting to gain access to the facility?

  • Are visitors allowed to move unescorted around the facility?

  • Does the company require property passes to transport materials by employees in and out of the facility?

Shipping/Receiving Procedures

Shipping/Receiving Procedures

  • Does the company have documented security procedures in place to ensure integrity and security of receiving and shipping materials?

  • Are copies of the post orders available at all guard posts?

  • Are procedures in place to control documents that include proprietary company information?

  • Are delivery/pickup drivers required to present a photo ID prior to delivering or picking up deliveries?

  • Are shipping papers examined by the shipping/receiving clerk prior to releasing a shipment to leave the site?

Security Personnel

Security Personnel

  • Does the company verify the information on security personnel employment applications in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations?

  • Does the company perform background checks on prospective security employees? Are the items listed on the DOT Background Check Guideline addressed?

  • Are security employees required to sign a Code of Conduct?

  • Are all security employees or contractors required to attend company training? If yes, describe the training?

  • Does the company provide threat awareness training through routine briefings or memos?

  • Are written procedures in place instructing security personnel on recognizing suspicious situations and how to report them?

  • Are written procedures in place at each guard station instructing the guards how to react in emergency situations? Are emergency contact numbers visible in the guard house?

  • Has the facility conducted an emergency response training exercise in the past 12 months?

  • Do guards complete check sheets while on duty to verify they conducted required inspections?

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