• Property Address

  • Appointed by

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Quote / no charge /charge / as instructed.

  • What where you asked to do

  • State the weather conditions at time of survey.

  • Brief description of the property. Comment on its location, construction, age of property. Orientation( south facing, north facing etc.)

Property Information

  • Is the property fully double glazed?

  • All double glazed windows have a trickle vent or the ability to lock ajar for ventilation?

  • The property is not a basement converted flat? Yes = Correct

  • All double glazed windows are fully functioning and have not "blown".

  • The property has full central heating from an A Energy Rated Boiler.

  • The property benefits from all radiators having TRV's, room thermostats and programmable timer?

  • Is the property free from leaks and any form of penetrating damp from outside or adjacent properties?

  • The property has cavity insulation, internal or external insulation?

  • The property has a minimum of 300mm of insulation in the roof/loft space.

  • The property does not have any ventilation bricks that could give a cold draught.

  • There is no open sources of stored water or header tanks in the living space and not the loft area that could be subject to evaporation or heat source? Eg no header tanks in cupboards that are feeding a hot water cylinder?

Tenant lifestyle Information

  • How many adults are living at the property?

  • How many children are living at the property?

  • The tenant is aware of having all rooms with a low constant heat during cold winter months with all radiators in the property?

  • Does the tenant use a tumble dryer that extracts to outside?

  • Do the tenants without a tumble dryer only dry their clothes at a laundrette or outside?

  • Does the separate toilet have an extractor fan?

  • In your opinion was the extractor being used properly at the time of the inspection.

  • Does the bathroom have an extractor fan that works?

  • In your opinion was the extractor being used properly at the time of the inspection.

  • Does the kitchen have an extractor fan that works?. Not a overhead circulator fan above the hob?

  • In your opinion was the extractor being used properly at the time of the inspection.

Results and recommendations.

  • Opinion based of findings.

  • Recommendations

  • New Boiler

  • Roof/loft Insulation

  • Cavity Insulation

  • External/internal insulation

  • Bathroom extractor with overrun

  • Toilet extractor with overrun

  • Kitchen extractor

  • Tenant has been informed of not to dry clothes in the property on radiators. Tenant has been informed to keep temperatures constant in the property. Tenant has been informed not to put furniture against cold external walls. Tenant has been informed to leave trickle vents in windows open.

  • Property surveyors signature

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