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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

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  • Weather Conditions

Executive Summary

  • Inspectors Summary

  • General Result (most severe factor)

Liability Section

  • Is the property regularly inspected for liability issues including, slips, trips & falls etc? If yes is this information recorded?

  • There is a visible signage display in the common areas informing occupiers of the importance to report repairs and potential risks to the relevant person(s)?

  • Are all relevant health and safety reports available if relevant including, asbestos, legionella, risk assessments, gas, electrical, fire alarm emergency lighting?

  • There has been NO reported accidents, fires, or near misses in the last year? If yes please give details of them.

  • There been NO insurance claims made in the past 12 months relating to public liability claims, contractor liability claims or injuries?

  • The responsible person aware is aware of the property and its current health and safety compliance level.

General Information

  • What is the main use for the building?

  • Type of occupier?

  • Aprox number of flats/ units?

  • Who is responsible for Health & Safety? Person or Ltd Management Company? Please specific?

  • What is the general construction of the property?

  • How many storeys from ground floor up are there?

  • How many basement floors are there, (below ground floor)

  • When was the main building constructed?

  • Is it purpose built or conversion?

  • What is the general condition of the property?

  • When was the last fire risk assessment of property undertaken?

  • When was the last electrical test certificate completed on the buildings common areas?

  • When was the last legionella test completed if required?

  • Does the property benefit from a passenger lift?

  • If yes who maintains it?

  • State the current security provisions and access systems including CCTV?


  • Signature of Property Surveyor

Field Audit Results & Recommendations

  • Add location

  • Location
  • Location

  • Risk

  • Risk
  • Type of risk

  • Risk to who?

  • Severity of risk?

  • Recommendation

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