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  • 5 or more problems = 0
    3 or 4 problems = 1
    2 problems = 2
    1 problem = 3
    No problems = 4

  • 1) Unneeded equipment, tools, etc. are present? I

  • 2) Unneeded Items are on walls, shelves, bulletin boards, etc.

  • 3) Items are present in aisle ways,corners etc. ?

  • 4) Unneeded supplies, parts or materials are present?

  • 5) Safety hazards exist (water, oil, chemicals, or other safety issue) ?


  • 1) Correct places for items are not obvious?

  • 2) Are tools identified and on shadow boards?

  • 3) Aisle ways, equipment, garbage containers locations are not indicated?

  • 4) Items are not in their correct places?

  • 5) Height and quantity limits are not obvious?


  • 1) Floors, walls, and surfaces are free of dirt, oil, and grease?

  • 2) Equipment is kept clean of dirt, oil, and grease?

  • 3) Cleaning materials are not easily accessible?

  • 4) Lines, labels, signs etc. are not clean and are not broken?

  • 5) Other cleaning problems of any kind are present?


  • 1) Necessary information is not visible?

  • 2) All standards are not known and visible?

  • 3) Checklists do not exist for all cleaning and maintenance jobs?

  • 4) All quantities and limits are not easily recognizable?

  • 5) how many items can't be located in 30 seconds?


  • 1) How many workers have not had any 5S training?

  • 2) How many times last week was the daily 5S worksheet not completed?

  • 3) How many times are personal belongings not easily stored?

  • 4) Are job aids available and up to date?

  • 5) How many times last week was the Workplace Scan Checklist not completed?

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