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  • The aim of the Monthly Inspection is to prevent work related accidents and ill health by identifying new hazards and checking that preventative and protective control measures are implemented and effective.

  • Monthly Inspection must be completed in the first week of each month.

  • Bay conducted

  • Who is responsible?

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Equipment Checks

Bench Grinders

  • Was the area free from combustible materials?

  • Are guards in place on all grinders?

  • Gap between tool rest and wheel less than 3mm?

  • What is the condition of the wheel?

  • Has a PAT been completed on all grinders?

  • Is there PPE signage present?

  • Is the equipment secured to the bench?

Chains & Slings

  • Is the equipment suitable?

  • What is the condition of the equipment?

  • Has a 6 month LOLER inspection been completed?

Hand Grinders

  • What is the condition of the equipment and discs?

  • Are guards and handles in place on all grinders?

  • Has a PAT been completed on all grinders?

Lifting Attachments & Accessories

  • Are lifting attachments suitable?

  • Is the SWL on display?

  • Has a 6 month LOLER inspection been completed?

Overhead Cranes

  • Has the equipment had a LOLER inspection?

  • What is the condition of the equipment?

  • Is there a safety catch on the hook?

Welding Equipment

  • Has the equipment been inspected?

  • What is the condition of the equipment?

  • Has a PAT been completed?

  • Is PPE/RPE available?

Working at Height Equipment

  • What is the condition of the working at height equipment? (ladders, aircraft steps, working platforms, etc.)

  • All ladders, aircraft steps, working platforms inspected & logged in the signed register (Scafftags on all items completed)

  • Other Equipment
  • What is the equipment?

  • Were there any issues identified with the equipment?

  • Provide details



  • What was the standard of housekeeping?

  • Have excess / waste materials been removed?

  • Were trailing cables reduced as much as possible?

  • What was the condition of welfare facilities? (Toilets, rest areas, etc.)

  • Was the lighting adequate?

Personal & Protective Equipment Checks


  • What is the condition of the RPE

  • Are the Monthly Checks Up to date?

  • What is the date of the last monthly check?


  • A sample check of PPE must be conducted and evidenced.

  • Is PPE suitable and adequate? (footwear, hi-vis, hearing protection, welding mask, etc)

First Aid & Fire Safety

First Aid

  • Are First Aid Kits available?

  • Are First Aid Kits in date?

Eye Wash Stations

  • Are Eye Wash Stations sufficiently stocked and in date?

  • Do Eye Wash Stations have sufficient signage?

Fire Safety

  • Are Fire Exits unlocked and clear of obstructions inside and outside

  • Are Fire Extinguishers in position, seals intact and had annual inspection?

  • Are Fire Extinguishers free from obstruction

  • Is Fire Signage adequate? (visable, free from obstruction and not faded)

  • What is the condition of Fire Doors (Internal)


Hazardous Substances

  • Is the storage of Hazardous Substances adequate?

  • Are SDS / COSHH Assessments available to Staff?

Issues not included in Inspection

    Other Issues
  • Were any other issues identified during the inspection?

  • Provide details

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