Title Page

  • Work Order No.

  • Job Safety Observation

  • Site / Depot

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel - Observation Team


  • Is PPE being used as required?

  • Type details of incorrect PPE

  • Compliance with JSA or other procedures confirmed

  • Type details of JSA or procedure failure here

  • Is appropriate behaviour shown

  • Type details of inappropriate behaviour here

  • Are Personnel adequately trained for task

  • Type details of training concerns here


  • Are tools appropraite for task

  • Type details of inappropriate tools here

  • Have tools/plant been inspected before use

  • Type details of failed inspections here

  • Is all gear maintained and serviceable? eg. slings, cables etc.

  • Type details of of all equipment that is not being sufficiently maintained

  • Are all Electrical tools or plant being used in good condition and safe to use? eg. tested, tagged

  • Type details of all electrical issues here


  • Is access and egress safe

  • Type details of access/egress issues here

  • Good Housekeeping? eg. are tools packed away, is site tidy and free of tripping hazards

  • Type details of bad housekeeping here

  • Are all noise, dust, odour, or discharge concerns being addressed in a safe manner?

  • Type details of any noise, dust, odour, discharge issues here

  • Is the environment being protected during the works? eg. fuels and chemicals stowed correctly, vegetation being considered

  • Type details of environment concerns here

  • Is the waste being managed correctly? eg. spoil, bitumen

  • Type details of bad waste management here


  • Is Job Analysis Complete and appropriate for task

  • Type details of no JSA or inappropriate JSA here

  • Are all procedures being followed

  • Type details of failed procedures here

  • For any works that requires an isolation, water or sewer, is the isolation effective?

  • Type details of failed or poor isolation here


  • Discuss the JSO with all personnel and note outcomes of discussion

Follow Up Actions

  • After completing the JSO and having discussions with all personnel on-site, are you free of any follow up actions?

  • Type all actions required here. Include who will be responsible for those actions and when the follow up should be completed.

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